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Amazing book on the crucial importance of nutrition & lifestyle

Hi All,

I am on Ovacome not because I have OC, but my mum does, and the site has been amazing at helping me understand it and cope with the situation. I wanted to share something I've found whilst doing bits of research in any effort to help mum - you don't half feel helpless when someone you love the most in the world is going through something so frightening that you're not a part of.

Anyway, whilst trying to think of ways to help, I did some reading on nutrition and lifestyle. I came across a wonderful book and I would urge everyone to read it: Anticancer: A New Way of Life by David Servan-Schreiber.

To be honest, I was daunted at reading a book that would remind me every time I looked at it that mum had cancer. But it had completely the opposite effect! It doesn't offer any miracles, or give any false hopes, but it explains why and how certain foods - and interestingly, certain combinations of foods - can be SO beneficial in helping your body to naturally fight cancer cells, and help to prevent recurrence. It also explains why medical professionals don't or can't extol the virtues of the various findings, and it's not any form of crazy diet plan or anything like that, it's just normal everyday foods - some to avoid and some to include. It also talks a lot about the scientific research done into the links between cancer and stress, feelings of isolation and desperation / helplessness - the findings of which are incredible. It's been so categorically proven that a positive / happy state of mind is so important in fighting this beast that it's spurred my husband and I to move 6 hours north to be nearer to my parents which will bring them a lot of happiness (and our baby-on-the-way is something positive to focus on too hurray!).

So, I hope I haven't bored you all! But I really would recommend this book - not just for people with cancer, but it's all about prevention too - I certainly have made some simple changes in our lifestyle now that I'm more aware of the fascinating facts of the impact what you put in your body can have on your health.

All my best wishes to all of you incredible ladies :-)

Angela xx

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Dear Angela

Thanks so much for posting your news of the Anti-Cancer Book by David Servan-Schreiber. I think it's a great book and it makes good sense.

Any Mum would be very proud to have such a loving daughter. It's lovely that you've been able to negotiate the move north to be nearer your Mum at a time like this, and I hope like me that she has many years to enjoy her grand-child/children.

I hope you get a chance to show your mum how friendly and helpful this site is if she hasn't already joined. For many of us with Ovarian Cancer it's a lifeline as we get in touch with other women who are going along the same journey and my experience is that there are some truly amazing women on this site.

I hope the move and all your plans go swimmingly. It will be lovely to be near at hand to support your Mum. She's a lucky lady.

Love Annie xxx


Thanks, Angela! One of our friends, Lizzie, used to quote this book often. It seems to have some really helpful ideas. Also, I'd recommend you look at the Penny Brohn website. It has some good info about general health to help us cope with cancer diagnoses. It also has details of supplements and other complementary approaches. You may have already found it, but it's worth looking at

All the best. It's great that you're doing so much to help your Mum

Love Wendy xx


I loved this book too Angela - have incorporated all the advice and am feeling good, fingers crossed... Good for you, getting so motivated. Am sure your mum feels incredibly supported!


Sue xxx


Hi Angela.... I agree the book is fab, I adopted many of the changes, vegetarian, dairy free etc.... His inflammatory description makes perfect sense. When I got my diagnosis my inflammation marker CRP was 135! And he was saying that below 30 (I think) would give longevity... I took anti inflammatory and changed diet and my next reading was 4!!!

How lovely you are moving closer to your mum, your support will really help :-) and the baby ...well....a blessing x good luck x


Thank you Angela - I will get this book. Like you I do not have OC but my dear sister does so I'm always looking for things which might help, both physically and emotionally. I feel helpless too but I try to make her laugh each day and give any positive news I can from researching the web and feeding back to her from this wonderful site.

Good luck with the move and the baby. A new grandchild will be a great tonic to your mum and will help to make her feel needed.


Mel xxxx


Thanks all for your comments. Wendy - I haven't heard of Penny Brohn but I will look it up!

My mum is a vegetarian already so it shouldn't be a huge lifestyle change for her to incorporate it - if it has had such an incredible effect on your CRP marker (MidwifeGill) then the proof is in the pudding! I've not heard of this CRP marker before - is this something that is checked as standard?

I really must get my mum onto this site, yes. Currently, she doesn't even know how to turn on a computer (let alone use a mobile phone!) so I will give her some lessons when I visit her next week. Especially as her CA125 went up a few last time it was checked - from 35 (which we were thrilled about) to 42 - they've said it's not necessarily the cancer so not to worry, but it is a little confusing. Anyway - I'm not thinking about that! Positive thinking! The thing is, I've been careful about what I've shared with mum - drip feeding the scary facts and driving home the positive ones - I know I shouldn't be wrapping her in cotton wool or anything, but I've been careful with the delivery of information I suppose, whilst she was in a more fragile state... now she's a lot stronger and positive about the whole thing, and I am sure she should be as fully informed as she can be. Silly trying to protect her isn't it! But anyway, the support of this site is so positive if she could have access to it it would really benefit her I am sure.

...and thank you all for the baby wishes :-) yes, a wonderful tonic for her and all of us! 2013 is going to be a good year I am sure. All the very best to you all xxxxxxxx


dear Angela

will look out for the book. I have recently had a new grandson and believe me it was my new line of chemotherapy!! It is such a wonderful distraction. Something else to focus on.I send you all good wishes to you all.

Regards Barbara


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