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Lifestyle and Cancer awareness workshop for those with hereditary Ovarian Cancer

Hello all,

I just wanted to bring to the attention of others with hereditary OC that there is an information afternoon tomorrow at Leicester University:

"The Lifestyle and Cancer Awareness Workshop is an educational event originally developed for familial cancer clinic patients and their families but also open to other cancer patients and families. It is part of Supporting Families with Cancer, a support and education project for families with inherited cancer that is being run by the University of Leicester, Clinical Genetics and other UHL services with the support of Macmillan. Wendy Watson will also be speaking about the National Hereditary Breast Cancer Helpline and preventative Breast and Ovarian surgery.

The workshop aims to help patients and their families understand why cancer has occurred, what will help and how they can protect their families by teaching them about the potential link between diet, lifestyle and cancer susceptibility and action they can take. This is the third event and will focus on breast, ovarian and prostate cancer but will also be relevant to people affected by other types of cancer. The talks, workshops and stalls will give participants the opportunity to find out more about the link between diet, lifestyle and cancer, as well as recent advances in screening and detection of tumours, the genetic causes, the latest research and clinical trials. There will also be the opportunity to ask questions in a group setting or confidentially one-to-one with a dietician specialising in the link between diet and cancer risk, a physiotherapist and members of the Clinical Genetics team. Furthermore, there will be information available about other services on offer and a number of stalls from support and advice groups in the region."

More details are available here - le.ac.uk/sfwc

I came across this whilst browsing the internet and thought some of you may be interested, hopefully I may see some of you there,



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