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Today was the first day I have had to pluck my moustache in 9 months, its started coming through and its dark as opposed to my hair on my head which is white. Why could it not it be the other way round. Even my eyebrows are brown, I have always had dark hair but since loosing it all in July its now coming back WHITE. My husband says its blond but its white ( He is trying to make me feel better) Still another few months and then I can dye it.

Hope your all well Love Babs x x

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Ouch! Life's never straightforward, is it? Hope you're feeling good otherwise.


Linda xx


Never were OLWs so welcome, eh!!!! (OLW = older lady whiskers!) ;-)

How are you doing, Babs? Hope all is ok

Love Wendy xx


Hi ya Babs ..

That did make me smile ..bless you ..not had much cause for smiling this week ...

Yes when it comes back it all comes back !!!! shame we cannot not pick and choose ..

Do hope you are keeping ok ??? and not over doing it xxx

Love Jan xxx


Hi Wendy and Linda, I'm doing very well thanks working lots but as you know I enjoy my job. My two days off are spent looking after grand kids. Not sure what is harder, working or childminding. At least I am still here to do both and thank God I am.

Just off to work now 3-12 shift today

Love Babs x x


Me too !!!!! ha ha ha ha ha


Good to hear you - made me smile, as even on chemo I have had the stray hair on my leg and have 4 hairs on my head determined to grow longer than the rest. Just 4 what a Laff :-)


Hi Groucho - I mean Babs :-)

Nature is cruel it takes the hair from ones head and puts it on our chins. I bought one of those machines from Boots that electric shocks each hair and its supposed to go permanently. Occasionally my husband has a pinch at my chin, Ouch! Just after i finished paclitaxol and my hair grew back I used a Henna colour which I sent off for but I believe you can get it from Lush.

zoooouwit zwit (whistle) Jen LOL


Hi Babs

Sooo annoying. My moustache grew back before anything else of course. Hair on head came back with more grey than before but that was because I hadn't been a natural anything since the age of 20. Was so glad to get the blonde highlights back in.


Never thought I would congratulate anyone on their moustache (except one of my young nephews while they went through the spots and squeaky baritone stage...) but yay!

I discovered yesterday that I seem to have eyelash stubble! Seriously. Teeny little bristly new eyelashes. Maybe, oh maybe, there will soon be eyebrows and the one hair in my mole will peep through...

This all rather changes ones perspective, huh?


Sue xxx


ouch!!! know what you mean. Be nice if moustaches for women could become fashionable. Save a lot of pain...................glad you are doing ok.

Chris x x


Love this blog and all the moustache confessions ladies!

Babs I bet your hair looks fab. My sister never believed me when I said her short curly grey hair was beautiful - just like a gosling. I loved it and it's never looked quite so good since she's grown it longer and coloured it.

I think Jen's right about using natural colouring products. Might be worth visiting Lush if you really don't like your white hair.

Chris is right - moustaches .... and bald heads .... should become fashionable for women. lol xxxx


Hi Babs,

I use an epilator like EVERYWHERE I don`t want to be hairy, LOL!!!!

I thought that after the hair folloicle had been killed off by the chemo, it was a new start and sure enough at the body hair came back soft and fine, sooooooooooooooooo Tina thought, it would be easier to start as I mean to go on this time and go for waxing, then I hated the expence side of it + the fact you have to actually grow the hair before you can have it done again. Sooooooooooooo, I bought the epliator.

Its hellishly painful let me tell you, but after a couple of uses the pain just gets less and less, now it doesn`t hurt anymore not even on that facual hair. I do my mustache about twice a year now, but my chin is done about once a month. My hair if very blonde but the hairs on my chin seem to grow quite long if left + they stick out and when they are caught by the light they look a bit witchy, LOL!!!

May I suggest you go for blonde highlights with cap to begin with, they are much more flattering than dark hair as we go grey. You may not be aware but your complexion colour will have changed too, if your new hair is white. Blonde highlights knock off years and by using a cap at first there is no direct contact of colour with the scalp. I had mine done 6 months after last chemo. Now, I have highlights with foil and this is wonderful because I can have three different shades, I have one bleach, one a more natural blonde and a few dark ones.

Its an exciting time when our hair starts to grwo back we can experiment with new ideas at different stages of growth. I still ended up back with the same hairstyle I had pre-cancer but I would have never have known how short dark hair just didn`t suit me had I not tried.

Big hugs from Tina xxx


Hi Babs

Sorry about the tash issues- how about having it waxed?!!

You're amazing doing so much. I worked yesterday morning and it was really k..........! Mind you I did have to take outside PE and it was freezing- must be mad!

Love Anne xxx


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