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Resolutions and presents!

As I am getting things in order before Friday I thought I would record my three important resolutions and 3 best Christmas presents!

Resolutions first: 1) to still be here on Jan 1st 2014:

2) to get to under 10 stones for the first time in 20 years by Jan 1st 2014 (I am currently 11 stones 3lb)

3 to swim in the Med this year!

Presents: a new, latest I pad with separate keyboard;

A wooden "ball puzzle" which took me 20 minutes to dismantle and 2 weeks to reassemble but so good for improving my impaired manual dexterity,

A 5 minute origami kit! Also helping with adjusting to lack of feeling in the finger tips!

Love to all xxxxxx


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Wishing you all and more, Margaret!



Dear Margaret

I love your blog. Full of good things. I wish you luck with your three Resolutions - I share two with you and you'll probably guess which ones! There's always comfort in solidarity. If you replace swim with ski you'll know mine.

Loved your presents. I've never had the patience or intellect do a rubic cube. I'm impressed with your perseverance but expect nothing less of such a grande dame.

The origami sounds a good idea to take into hospital with you. On that note I shall be thinking of you and hope it all goes well. Will you have internet access in hospital so you can use that swanky I-Pad with keyboard and we can keep in touch.

Loads of love, health and good fortune for 2013!

xxxx Annie


Oh! No room for the origami! I am taking my Kindle, iPad (itunes, patience and scrabble) and my tapestry! LOL!

With luck I won't have time for any of it and will be home by Friday night!



I went into hospital to have my appendix out and was quite amused at what was taken in by my fellow bedmates - a favourite pillow, a mug, a complete pill cabinet. I for one can't wait to get out and about so apart from something to read and internet access the only thing I need is my proper clothes so I can get dressed as soon as possible and feel normal. Food is much better in the staff canteen than on the ward.

Let's hope you're out by Friday night.

Good luck!!! love Annie xxx


shouldn't think I will have wireless access and I shall not be buying a month's 3G simcard for 24 hours of use!



Can I send you up my dongle? It was wonderful in hospital - happy to do so as I'm paying a monthly fee and not using it at the moment. Just say and it'll be with you. xxxx love Annie


Best wishes Margaret,

I used to be able to do the rubic cube (but have long since forgotten) the same happened to playing chess (down the pan) ...:-( must have been a fad.. hummmm!!! :-/ ;-) what is my next fad I wonder !!!! maybe that could be a new year resolution (or maybe not) ahhh got it my resolution is----- (drums rolling) "Not to make a Resolution" aahh can't lose--- teehee.

happy new year love x G x :-)


Oh I cannot do the Rbic Cube!


Dear Margaret,

All the very best for Friday and the following days. I am sure we'll all be thinking of you and wishing and praying that everything goes well. I totally share in your resolutions, great aims!

I hope you'll be able to get in touch and let us know how you're feeling. My thoughts and hopes will be with you

Love n hugs

Wendy xx


Good luck Margaret - we will be thinking of you! V impressed at this tying up of loose blog- ends, how organised!!




Wishing you well, Margaret.

Linda xxx


Lovely positive blog Margaret xxxx

Will be thinking about you on Friday and looking forward to hearing that all went well xxx

Love Jan xxx


Best of luck on Friday, I looked out for how you were doing on 3rd, but couldn't find anything, I'm a little jealous of the Ipad and I misread origami first time, oops. Under 10 stone, I'm sure you will reach your target.

LA xx


Just love your resolutions Margaret. Am joining you onthe first 2 definately. Have been shillyshallying about gouing back to Slimming World! YOU have persuaded/ challenged me. I'm after a stone ,down to under 12.

Senility allowing I'll be thinking of you.... hey you could be at an advantage!Only kidding, have a black sense of humor used to be a requirement for my job

Love Suex


wow - was having a black sense of humour an essential or desirable requirement for your job. I'd love to know more!!!! xxx


Love the humour! Blacker the better! LOL! What was your job? I thought I needed one to teach, be a TU full time official! (Fave saying "I am not a member of this Union I just work for you!") and as an advisor with CAB!

The blackest humourists I know are Dr's (especially pathologists) morticians and clergy!

LOL! ROFL! and about to tackle York Parking wardens for failure to notice my disabled parking badge!


Hi Margaret

Came back on to apologize, felt I had overstepped the mark. Am sorry if I did, never intended to sound unkind or un thoughtful.

Hope you forgive me

Love Suex


Why on earth should you think you overstepped any mark! Not anything I noticed! If it is the reference to "senility" I assumed you meant yours! LOL! I am always using "chemobrain" as an excuse for mine! I am, after all, old! In chronological terms at any rate!


Hi Margaret,

I don't post much but do read most ovacome posts everyday.

I live in Leeds and have my treatment at Bexley Wing SJUH and will be thinking of you on Friday-I really admire your strength and love your humour.

I nearly had a heart attack when I got on the scales recently-I blame the steroids!I am attempting to lose weight and like you want to swim in the Med this year again -in fact I have already booked flights for August and have decided that future treatment will have to fit in with my life a bit !

My circumstances are different because my daughter is only 14 and although I try to be as normal as possible it can be very difficult to cope with the terrible sadness I feel about how close we are and the effect my diagnosis has had for all the family.

I try to keep busy, have very supportive friends and enjoy life while I can.

Anyway take care Margaret and I hope it goes well.xxx


Isn't Bexley great? Which consultant do you see? I am having my op in York but will get radiotherapy at Jimmies again! It must be very difficult with such a young daughter! My children are in their 40's and we are open and pragmatic with my grandsons to try to avoid their imaginatin running riot!


I see Mr Jackson.They have all been very nice and my surgery was very successful but I hate the sight of the place!!!!

I got an ipad in April for my birthday and find it fantastic.I have just bought a new laptop for my daughter and a wireless printer which I spent hours yesterday trying to link up with ipad .Today the plan is to get remote technical support!!I am making photograph albums for my children and want to be able to print photographs from my ipad.

I do find the ipad has made me very lazy-too convenient to use in bed!!x


New Year resolutions? I'm with you on the first one.

Number 2 should be redecorating. This was planned two years ago but got put on hold.

Husband made number 3 for me. I have to be honest when I'm really not feeling well. Though I'm not planning on having many days like that this year.

Sending you all my best wishes for Friday Margaret. Hope all goes well.


Mary xxx


Up for those! But! My redecorating means a decision! Do I spend money on redecorating when I may not get my value from it or the exorbitant train fare to Devon on a regular basis and hiring a car while down there so I have freedom to take the boys out! Flybe seem to have stopped flying from Leeds to Exeter!


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