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£100m DNA database to cut cancer deaths

Just announced

In my view we need to do this, a massive statistical excercise fits right into the "more info is better than less" position.

People, and media, will unfortunately immediately focus on the null issue of personally identifiable information...always missing the fact that data masking and randomisation can remove this risk and it will probably never see the light of day. <sigh> .

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I'd sign up straight off! I've had the genetic testing already, which proved I had no problems, and I've given them permission to use my blood for any future research. In fact, I would happily let them do more tests if it will help other people in the future!


Interesting thank you for the a sense I have already done this by giving blood for research into the side effects of taxol... and signed away the rights to how the blood is used.

I thought this was a good x G x 8-)


I'd sign up to make a contribution to the DNA database. They've already discovered which bit of the DNA is linked to Ovarian Cancer. A UK-wide - and hopefully a world-wide database may well highlight some new avenues for research and possible cures.

Thanks for posting this up Sue. xxx


Hi All,

Its a really interesting study. One important thing. As far as I am aware they are talking about the genetics of the tumors, not our 'birth' genetics - So the woman from genewatch and the worries about the usual issues do not apply.

Mmmm - I feel an invitation to James Brenton coming for members day.....

L x


That would be really interesting, Louise :-)

Love W xx


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