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Anyone had problems with headaches?

Has anyone been suffering with headaches while in remission?Last chemo 31st August 2011.Mine have been going on for weeks now,everyday,always in the same place,just above my left ear.I mentioned them to the oncologist three weeks ago,he didn't seem concerned and said if they continue to give onc team a ring and they will arrange a scan.I have and waiting for appt. I'm not gonna think "ooh, its a brain tumour", just need to know that it's not,if you know what I mean.Cheers girls ..I'm new to this site and it's a good feeling that I'm not the only one ......

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Hello Suzie

Sorry I can't help particularly BUT I do suffer from headaches through stress. If going through what you have been through isn't stressful I don't know what is. I think it is really hard being in remission because you aren't being treated but left to your own devices. Have you tried having a massage? If they're good they can tell if you have muscles tensed.

Best Wishes Sarah


Hi Suzie,

I absolutely agree with Sarah. Headaches are often symptoms of stress and worry, and you're probably doing more than your fair share of worrying. It's only 8 weeks since you finished chemo, so the aches and pains caused by that will also go on for some time yet. I was very anaemic after chemo for several months, and headaches are often assosiated with that too. Are you taking a good vitamin and mineral supplement? If not, I would start.

Talk to your GP about your blood screen and see if there are any obvious deficiencies.

I hope you find the solution for you.

Very best wishes,


I have always been a migraine sufferer but, since the diagnosis I have had more stress related headaches. As my lungs, spine and abdomen are clear apart from the tumour between bowel and colon, i just take a couple of paracetemol and get on with enjoying life.


Hi Suzieque.

You are so not the only one! I've always had migraines since puberty, used to have really bad ones that made me sick for two days each fortnight. I thought when I'd gone through a total hysterectomy and all points south, I would not keep getting them as I'd always thought they were hormone-related. I didn't get any when I was on HRT implants with testosterone immediately after my op. However, I don't use HRT now and I still get them. I manage them with avoiding some foods, avoiding stress etc etc. I often get headaches though, as well as migraines. I guess it may be stress-related. I take paracetomol. I'd like to try some sort of therapy, like reiki or Alexander technique, to help me relax more. I do tai chi and that helps but I often find my shoulders lifting up to my ears :-O Anyone got any ideas about what works in terms of good relaxation techniques?

Love, Wendy xx


Hi Wendy,

A good chiropractor is a starting place. They will release and realign your tension in the shoulders and neck which will probably be pulling other parts out of kilter, too. It takes a few sessions to get your body to stop reverting to the same experessions of stress, but it is worth it - and when the tension releases in your neck it is a real rush!



Thanks for your replies and advice girls.I always suffered from migraines for years,since my teens, always appearing and lasting for the three days before my period .Thankfully they have diminished as the menopause arrived,yeeha!! the upside of "the change" for me. But yes, Isadora and Sarah 1963 ,I do believe these headaches probably are stress related,I am usually pretty good at finding ways to relax and destress myself,I love a relaxing soak in the bath after a long walk along the coast. Going for a plodge, Wendydee, when the weather is a bit warmer, still is the best ever "therapy" for me. But like you MargaretJ, I just take paracetomol and I'm enjoying my life too,it's only the headaches that are bothering me at the mo......

Best wishes to all OC Buddies

Suzieque xxxx


Thanks, Isadora! Will try that xx


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