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Update on Parliamentary meeting tomorrow

Hi Everyone,

We are looking forward to seeing lots of you tomorrow at Portcullis house.

I wanted to give you some last details of the afternoon.

Over 50 MPs have indicated that they will be attending the reception, which is a great response.


12.00 Arrive Portcullis House. Security is much less onerous than for the Houses of Parliament, but none the less you should expect the process to take up to 20 minutes. There is very little pre-security space inside the building, so please ensure you are appropriately dressed for the weather.

12.20 Through security, the reception desk will direct you to Room U.

12.30 Receive packs, with your area specific details, and a short informal presentation on lobbying skills/objectives of the afternoon.

13.00 - 16.00. MPs will be coming to receive their information and will in some circumstances wish to speak to people with experience of the disease.

There will be seating at the event and refreshments provided. We will make every attempt to contact your MP and ensure that you have a chance to speak to them (Everyone who has contacted Sonia to notify us of their attendance - Your MP has been notified that you are coming)

16.00 - Informal tour of the open areas of the Houses of Parliament.

Any queries on the day - Please contact Jack in the office - 0207 299 6651. She will be able to pass on any messages etc. to the team at the event.

Thank you again to everyone, and we look forward to seeing you tomorrow.


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Sorry I can't make it but I am down for the Britain against Cancer conference next week


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