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Is it an ovarian cyst/cancer?

Im only 18 and for the past 5 months been experiencing some abnormal symtoms. My doctor gave me a ovarian cancer symtom diary as my mother has had numerous ovarian cysts and they want to see if im not experiencing the same thing. I have been given an emergency pelvic ultrasound appointment. May i ask if i should worry that it could be something to do with my ovaries. Sorrry if there's too much detail here. I did not know where do go to ask for some help. Sorry.

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Hi Saniaha,

sorry to hear you're having problems. I don't think it would be helpful, though, for anybody to speculate about what your condition might be. It does sound, however, as if your GP is on the ball and acting promptly, and that is vital in getting the right treatment for whatever the condition turns out to be.

I wish you the best of luck, and try to stay strong.

Gill J


Hi Sanaiha

I think Gill's advice is sound. I know it's worrying when you don't know what's going on. I'm sure that the ultrasound will pick up if there's any problems, though. That was the case when I was diagnosed. There's a blood test too, (CA125) which may be helpful if there are any doubts. It sounds as if your GP is aware of all the possibilities too, so that will be a comfort to you. Let me know how you get on with the ultrasound. Good luck! Wendy D x


Thank you for the reply. It is nice to know that people can answer my questions. To wendy, my doctor has told me that after i have a ultarsound then he may consider the blood test. Just hope its nothing to serious thats all. Thank you for the replies though. i am very appreciative. xxx


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