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Constant Urine

constant urine infections....... Since i had my tah in feb, i have had problems with my bladder, at first it wasnt too bad, but now in the past 6 weeks its awful. Ive been to my GP who has given me loads of antibiotics which are now not working. I feel so uncomfortable and going to the loo loads more, in bed it seems worse, its hard to explain but it feels heavy and full, and so annoying in the night. GP doesnt seem too worried he had a good feel of my stomach etc and said everything feels ok. Is this normal after a tah ? Of course im getting stressed that cancer could be rearing its head again, but i think thats natural!!

My mum died 3 weeks ago and im so down at the moment and waiting for a DEXA scan to see if i have Osteoporosis, which actually killed my mum in the end, so all in all its been a bit crappy this year and not having my mum to talk to is a nightmare as i miss her so very much. Not due to see hospital until christmas eve for 3 month checkup. Got an appointment in a week with GP again. Does anyone have a simillar or had a problem with their bladder?? Really grateful for any help. Thank you.

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Hi Ricky,

I have been wondering how you are doing, I am so sorry about the infection that you keep having...have you got a specialist nurse you could ring for advice? I know you see your GP but it can't be right having an infection as much as could be something that is easily dealt with...drink plenty of cranberry could give Ruth Payne a ring she might be able to advice you tel 0845 371 0554...sending you love and best wishes x G x


thank you Gwyn, its been so hard but im not the only one so im just going day to day, these infections dont help, but am seeing GP again next week and i will make sure he does more if i can!! I do have a nurse but dont really connect with her but will have to so i can at least ask her advice, Thank you for your advice very grateful.


After my first op I had a bit of a leaky bladder, and had a similar feeling to you although without the infections, but after this op, although I do still have a leaky bladder or leakier bladder, my gynaecologist told me that urine infections and leakiness are common post tah. He said the tabs the doc can prescribe to help with bladder leaks can be quite good or go for the operation option of a small sling to support the bladder and help with the leaking.

Hope that helps. I'm tired of the bladder drip but only 2 weeks post op, and pelvic flooring for England!



Hi Lily-Anne

Keep up with the pelvic floor exercises but if you don't see any improvement after a couple of months ask your gynaeonc team to check you out. I did my pelvic floor exercises religiously from after the op in November till mid March without any improvement. A quick examination of my vagina in April established that the urine was leaking from there. (Known as a vesico-vaginal fistula.) This has just been corrected by surgery. I don't think its very common so please don't worry.


Mary xxx


Im embarrassed to say im not as good as you with the pelvic floor so im going to make a huge effort, no excuse!! Thanks for your reply, very grateful.


Try drinking plenty of cranberry juice/eat cranberries or take cranberry tablets from health food shops. It is very good for urinary infections. Also drinking plenty of water help.



I will its worth a try, sick of antibiotics they make me feel so sick. Thank you


Dear Ricky

This doesn't sound right at all to be so uncomfortable and all these urine infections. I have heard that cranberry is good for cystitis and I was also told the same as Lily-Anne that you can get a weak bladder after a hysterectomy.

I just don't feel your doctor is taking this seriously enough if all he/she is doing is feeling your tummy and saying 'everything feels OK'. It might feel OK to your GP but you're hardly feeling OK so it seems to me it needs more investigation. It's also not good to have anti-biotic all the time as they kill the good bacteria along with the bad. My GP always tells me to eat plenty of natural organic bio-yoghurt to replace the bacteria in my gut after a course of anti-biotic.

It's been my experience that doctors can be a bit myopic and if they've discovered one problem they focus on that rather than looking to see if there are two or more things going on. I had a ruptured appendix a couple of years back. My GP referred me to hospital and said there was also something going on in the bowel. The surgeon poo-pooed this and did an appendectomy and sent me home. In fact there was another much bigger problem - Ovarian Cancer. My GP was right and had the hospital done a more general scan the disease would have been spotted earlier.

This has been such a bad time for you. My diagnosis came hot on the heels of my Dad dying last year and I know exactly what you mean that she isn't there to talk to. I know Babs feels the same too. Hopefully you've got a good GP and he/she is taking time to talk about all the things going on in your life and not just a collection of symptoms. Why does the GP think that you might be suffering from Osteoporosis? That's another worry for you on top of everything else.

I think if I were you I would talk to Ruth at Ovacome to see if she thinks it's reasonable to expect problems with your bladder and whether you should go back to your GP again. It's helpful to have that endorsement if you're going back to insist of a more thorough investigation.

Let us know how you get on. Sending lots of love xxx Annie


Ah thank you so much for your lovely reply, sounds like youve been through it as well!! Im coming back as a man!! My cancer strted with the same symptoms couldnt get rid of bladder infections etc and eventually they found 2 cysts, after a ct scan and CA125 told me it was cancer 3 days before xmas, lovely.... had to keep it secret all through xmas from my children and mum, what a xmas that wasnt!! This year another bad xmas without my lovely mum, feeling numb at the mo but guess it will pass, i do have a counseller at my hosp who i had to have as i couldnt cope too well with the cancer , so im in touch with her. I am going to ask my GP to look into it more as im sick of it, we have zero sex life ha ha!! im always ill. sorry you lost your dad its not good is it? lifes a bit crappy at the mo. im having dexa scan because i have 3 or more ticks in the boxes that suggests i need a scan just in case. My mum died the most shocking death from it and i couldnt see myself getting through that in all honesty, but fingers crossed!! Thank you for taking the time to reply, im very grateful x


Dear Ricky

Keep talking to us as it does help. Some of the ladies on the site recommend a short course of anti-depressants just to get your over a bit of a hump. Perhaps someone will post up something about them. Of course they only work in conjunction with a 'to-do' list to get out of the doldrums and I think listening services/counselling can be very good to get everything straight in your mind.

You've no doubt had years of stress looking after your mum as her health deteriorated. Me too - the last 5 years of my Dad's life were ghastly and I guess you're the same as me not giving yourself a chance to grieve or give way to sadness as their situation was so much worse than ours. The stress builds up and up - and then you had to deal with your Mum's death and your own diagnosis. That's a lot to cope with.

Do you feel as though you can look forward to Christmas this year? You did make me laugh by the way - reading the above I misunderstood and thought you were complaining you weren't having a sex life with your GP - me neither!!! Hopefully you're still getting lots of hugs and support - from your husband I mean.

Loads of love xx Annie


Hi Ricky

I had what I thought was a weak bladder after my hysterectomy and religiously did my pelvic floor exercises ten times per day but it turned out to be a fistula - the bladder was leaking into the vagina and outwards from there. All the pelvic floor exercises in the world wouldn't have done any good. It was diagnosed by the GynaeOnc team at the hospital after a very quick straightforward examination of the scan. I have just come out of hospital after surgery to correct this, though sometimes they heal spontaneously or by having a catheter in for a period of time.

Its probably not what you have but you would be justified in asking them to check and rule it out.

Bladder infections are horrible at the best of times and I do think your GP needs to be a bit more sympathetic.


That sounds grim poor you!! Hoping its nothing like that but has crossed my mind!!


Hi Ricky

You could try getting an appointment with a different GP as your problem has been going on for quite a while. We expect all GPs to know everything - they don't. Whilst they get similar training, individually they may have experience in different areas.

Good luck!

Love Christinex


Trouble is hes the best one by far but will mention it at next hosp appt, thanks for advice, sick of weeimg!!


So you have just had a gynae check up? Did you mention it to them?

I have the same problem. First of all, find out if your GP is prescribing antibiotics based on a dip stick result or on a culture. If the GP is prescribing on the basis of a dip stick, ask for a culture, which should tell you exactly which antibiotic will (and will not) work.

Secondly, it is very important to maintain good hygene. Here's what NHS direct says:

Emptying your bladder after sex, wiping from front to back after going to the toilet, avoiding constipation and drinking cranberry juice are all thought to reduce your risk of developing a urinary tract infection.

Recently I understand it's been established that to get any effect from cranberry juice you would have to take gallons of the stuff daily.

I hope this helps.



Thank you for your reply, yes my GP is going by dipstick sometimes just going by symptoms!! Going back wednesday. Saw surgeon 6 wks ago had internal etc all ok he said. Will try cranberry tablets i think!!


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