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hi i had hysterectomy in june,and all is fine,my doctor signed me fit for work with amended duties for 6 weeks.so i could return to work 21st august,and my light duties will end on 2nd oct..howeve when i went to work to discuss this they have advised me that they feel there are no light duties in my job as shelf filler on nights so have moved me onto days in the petrol station,i have said i will do this till october half term as i have young children and this is the reason i do nights.they said this is fine but they are still getting occupational health involved,i dont really see why they are getting them involved as if my doctor thought i need to do amended duties for longer then surely she would of put this on the sick note,also my consultant said he would write me a letter saying that after 20 weeks after the op i should be able to do everything that i done before,but he still hasnt wrote the letter and i have to phone occupational health friday.i am getting really stressed out about this as if they dont let me go back on nights i will have to leave,i only work sun weds and fri night so its not as if i work every night,any info appreciated please x

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  • Hi sonyap,

    I think you should ring your consultants secretary ASAP to request a letter confirming that you are fit to do the work that you have done previously...that way they have then got it in writing...it is okay to ring his or her's secretary they are used to having patients ring them up for similar requests...and try and get it across that it is urgent...if you then don't get a letter in time you can inform the occupational health that a letter is pending...(they might even send you an email) best wishes x G x :-)

  • hi gwyn,i have been emailing the secretary almost daily and all she did is return one email saying they will be in touch in due course,all the rest since have been ignored even though i have stressed i must have this letter x not sure what else to do i dont want them to think i am harrassing them,i have even suggested they email me it or i come up the hospital to collect it. but still no esponse

  • Hi sonyap,

    It might be better if you could ring, and speak to her....ring the hospital and ask to be put through to your consultants secretary...it is harder to ignore if you are speaking to her direct ....my friend who is a consultant told me it is quite acceptable for you to ring his secretary....when I was first diagnosed I was a bit worried about ringing my consultants secretary ( afraid of being a bother) and my friend said don't be silly that is what they are there for... write down what you are going to say first....but don't apologise for ringing as you are going through enough trauma...just be polite..best wishes x G x :-)

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