UPDATE: Harrow Cancer Awareness Day

UPDATE: Harrow Cancer Awareness Day

As most of you may know, i attended the Harrow Cancer Awareness Day last Friday and represented The Eve Appeal & Ovacome. As ROCC, this was my very first event. A very good experience. I met up with the Mayor of Harrow who had lost his wife to ovarian cancer last year.

I have to say that not many people have heard about The Eve Appeal & Ovacome. Most of those who dropped by thought we were a part of Ovarian Cancer Action.

Got loads of positive feedback and those 'BEAT OVARIAN CANCER' cards were very popular and handy.

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  • great stuff - those little cards are great, I have them in my wallet all the time. Would love to do something like you have done down here in Devon!


  • Well done! I find those cards really good too. You've inspired me to try something like that too in my area! x

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