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One of the things I love about this site and I guess it's part of the support is how one persons blog helps another one to express a feeling/thought that they would not have written about. And how good is it to know that other people the same sort of feelings and to realize they are normal feelings not send yourself on a guilt trip.

An aalmost guilt free but not perfect Sue!!xx

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  • Is this your way of telling us you have been doing some retail therapy too?


    Love Lizzie


  • Not intentionally! But boringly we did go and buy some bits and pieces for the caravan after my hospital appt yesterday!! Not as exciting as that lovely necklace you bought!

    I think you deserve a huge medal driving.!!!

    Sorry about the abdo pain. I get some too but not burning more muscular.

    Feel as tho I have to support my abdomen when I've done too much ( usually not a lot )!!!! Do look a site!

    Love Sue

    ps Me being computer illiterate, How do you do the faces?xx

  • Hi Sue,

    I have the necklace on now and it is rather yummy. To do the faces you just do the normal emoticons ie : - ) or ; - ) or : - ( but without the gaps between each character. Then when you hit 'reply' it posts them as proper faces. It is the site being clever - not me !!

    Love Lizzie


  • Have to try this :-)

  • Yeeeees!!!!:-)

  • Try again :-)

  • Thanks Lizzie. I also wondered how to do this. Hope this works.

    Chris x x :-)

  • Hi Sue, I really love this site,readig blogs etc. at 3am this morning, great for the insomniac. and certaily feel that there are loads of friends out there. I didn't know how to do the faces, so I'm now going to see if it works. Love Sue :-)

  • Isn't it just! Bad nights no longer are since I found this site!


  • :-]

  • :-]

  • ;-]

  • :-[

  • :-)

  • Hooray I did it! :-) Can you teach us more IT things Lizzie?

  • Hi Whippit. Look at what I found when I looked up Emoticons on Wikipedia! en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_...

    I can make sense of some of them.



  • :-P

  • :-p

  • This made me laugh...........sorry, but you got there eventually.


  • Just wondering how many work on Ovacome.

    ;-) :-( :-D :-/ :-O

  • We posted together! I poked my tongue out - my Mother never did bring me up right :-D

  • LOL

  • My mother just failed to make a lady of me! LOL!


  • Right, enough time wasted! Wishing you all a good day.


  • Just love this site ;-) :-) <-)

    Have a good day, all of you, and thanks for the tip about emoticons

    Love Wendy xx

  • High Sue!

    I too love this site. No one tells me I am not allowed to talk about cancer! Hadn't thought of it as such but my new bathroom must count as retail therapy. I had the untiled walls painted an aquamarine blue (called blue reflection by Dulux) so of course my brown and cream towels from John Lewis don't "go" so I wen't and bought a neat little bin for general rubbish, a white ceramic toilet brush & holder and, of course new towels in deep and light aquamarine! I am so thrilled with it all I keep wiping the walls and fixtures down with antiseptic wipes, squeegeeing the shower and wiping the floor! My mum would be proud of me! She did her bathroom walls every week!

    Love you all!


    PS: how long before the euphoria wears off? LOL!

  • Your bathroom sounds gorgeous. Very appropiate in aquamarine. A friend of mine had the most wonderful downstairs toilet. She did it in the theme of the Carribean (not pirates). The 'piste de resistance' was the toilet seat. It was this kind of things, but in navy blue. Can I tempt you? Your Mother might not have approved though!


    For aquamarine:-


    Love Lizzie


  • No she probably wouldn't! But then again, I shouldn't think my bank manager would either! If we still had such a thing!

    Will check out the link!



  • :-)

  • Soapsuds (Sue) Lizzie & All

    Wow! just tried this now I'm on a roll.... :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) lol this is great THANK'S

    Is there anything else that Lizzie can teach us ??? I love all the fashion talk, and love all the items you have chosen, perhaps Lizzie you could help us older ladies ? you could be our personel cyber shopper ? I think Debenhams should pay you a wage...lol... I have found Debenhams good for me with their summer dresses as they cover up my large tummy, I don't do trousers as I have to buy a bigger size then they look too loose around the bottom and legs.

    here I go again.. :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) little things please little minds tee hee

  • Lizzie by the way I wasn't implying that you are old I was meaning myself, as I am older than you I need clothes that are longer, I loved everything that you chose but sadly would look daft on me. Thought I needed to explain in case you thought I meant you. :-) :-) :-) xx G xx

  • Hi Gwyn,

    I didn't at all read you were implying I was old, but with my own hair now being grey after chemo regrowth, I do look it and lets face it 45 isn't Spring Chicken

    The tea dress I bought isn't too short and would look good at any age. If I see anything else I love I will let you know! I am a Debenhams fan now as they have one in Kidderminster and seem to have more suitab;e stuff than that I used to buy from Next.

    With the exception of this:-


    I think if you can wear dark trousers, it would look lovely at any age. You said you couldn't though....if you did it would hide anything you didn't like about the rear.

    Love Lizzie


    Reply to this

  • Hi Lizzie,

    It's not my "rear" I worry about.... it's my tummy lol not a good look when you're in your sixties and looking pregnant.... Haha

    If I buy a bigger size trousers to accommodate the front I have flappy legs (cos my legs are not big)... I am being over fussy though...I've never been one to wear trousers I prefer maxi dresses and Debenhams always seems to have a nice range they are very low cut but are okay with a camisole/ vest they are crinkle cotton so you twist and need no ironing which is great.

    By the way you will always be a spring chicken to me.... Cluck! Cluck! :-) :-) :-) (ilove these) :-) :-) :-) haha X G X

  • I have been giggling away at alol these blogs!!!!!


    Now can I remember how do do it 24 hours later?!!! ;-) It wont doit! Oh I remember... press reply! :-)

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