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Well it's a year ago today that I first went to my GP with what turned out to be advanced OC, just started my second line treatment on Friday last week and have been feeling pretty rough with side effects. I'm finding it quite hard to accept going through all this again, I've started to get quite panicky and anxious about everything, specially when I'm alone. My daughter thinks I would benefit from some anti depressants, but I'm reluctant to take anything else that will give my more side effects. Any ideas on how to cope?

George x

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Hi George

I should speak to your GP and see what they recommend. I take anti-Ds and haven't had any side effects. I find them a god send.

I like being on my own but I do have radio 4 on all the time so there is someone distracting me from my thoughts. It would be so much easier for us all if the weather cheered up and we could be outside. In the past I have found a gentle bit of weeding is therapeutic.

I feel for you. You may find that you get into a routine with your new treatment and have times when you feel up to getting out and about more.




Hi George, I'm starting my second line chemo next week,so feel the same as you, I've been coping o.k but sometimes get that horrible panicky feeling,went to my.G.P to ask for help and all she gave me was the phone number to 'Re think' or anti-Ds which like you I didn't want to take, came out in tears. When arranging my new chemo the nurse asked me if I felt I needed any emotional support so I said, now and again, she has arranged for someone from our day center hospice to come and have a chat as they also do massages etc. this is going to be odd for me as I used to do voluntary work for them,so know some of the staff,so dont know how I will feel being the otherside ! Ask your chemo nurses if they can offer any help, I'm sure they can help. Good luck, Love Sue x


Being on the other side is not easy I know. I have had treatment from nurses who I worked with when they were students! It's comfortable and feels normal in a way. But I found I hid my true feelings I think because I wanted them and ME to see me as I was.

Hope all goes well with your next chemo.

love Suex



My mum was the same about not wanting to take anti depressants but eventually agreed to give them a go and the difference has been amazing. I got my old mum back and she got her confidence back.

Good luck x


Hi George,

Be kind to yourself. If there is anything that will help make this easier, it could be worth a try.

Love Lizzie



HI George,

i'm just coming up to the 5th anniversary of seeing my GP..... and still here.

I've had 5 chemo sessions, and though I've got my lovely hubby to help me and support me when I'm down, I find that the local cancer support group give me a reason to go out and do things. They have art/reading/yoga/walking groups etc, as well as therapies and treatments, and a counselling s ervice for those that need it. A wonderful centre when you feel a need to talk to people in the same situation.

I did take AD's for a little while, but found the support of people more helpful than more drugs. Talking is a good way of letting go, so don't be afraid of telling people, they all help in their own way.

Good luck



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