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What to expect with avastin?

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Afternoon everyone, it’s been a bit since I posted. I hope you’re all doing ok.

Mum starts avastin today, then olaparib in tablet form in a few weeks. I’m just wondering if anyone has any experience of these targeted therapies and how you got on? Mums terrified about side affects etc…I know there are a zillion side affects, but then so is there with anything I suppose. It would be good to hear some experiences.

She’s doing very well atm and scans good, so I think part of her feels like she doesn’t want the therapies as she feels well and doesn’t want to feel poorly again.. but she knows she has to give it a go. Xx

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Hi Louie B123I have had both but separately. Avastin was much easier than chemo, felt mostly normal but it did give me nosebleed. Olaparib has also been very tolerable, a bit of nausea and tiredness to begin with but it wore off.

I am such a wuss when it comes to meds and new side effects but honestly it’s been fine. Good luck to you and your Mum xx

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Hi again Lyndy, I hope you’re doing well :)

Thank you- that’s great, so reassuring to know people do really well with it. She’s en route home now after a good several hours there, she’s relieved first one went ok and no reactions etc so far so good. Laura Xxx

I have been getting Avastin every 6 wks to keep an inoperable tumor from spreading. Few if any side effects.

I was on Avastin for six months, but I was also getting Gemzar infusions. I had joint and muscle pain in my hips and shoulders, but overall it was much much easier than frontline carbo/taxol. I also had a runny nose. I recently started niraparib and I was also terrified by the list of side effects, but it has been quite manageable. A bit of mild nausea and constipation have been the only issues.

Hi Joanna bell. Were you on Avastin and niraparib at the same time? I will start second line chemo soon and wonder about maintenance treatment. Thank you. Best wishes from Louisiana,


No, I was on avastin and gemzar, and then I started niraparib a few weeks after for maintenance. Where in Louisiana are you? I grew up in Shreveport and I am going there today to visit family. ✌🏻

I’ve lived in New Orleans for forty years. I hope you have a safe and enjoyable visit. 🙂

Hi, I havnt had avastin but on olaparib and had very few side effects and am feeling good so far been on it 6 months now. I call them my magic tablets! Hope your mum continues to improve abd gives the treatment a go x

Hi, I am BRCA+, stage 4 OC (diagnosed Oct 2020, 54 years old). I have been on Avastin as part of the chemo and now as maintenance and started Olarapabib 5 July. So far I am doing well with my CA125 stable and below 10. Kidneys are ok, bloods are good. Main side effects: being tired and sore, stiff joints from Avastin (getting worse). Lynparza took about 6 weeks for my body to adjust and after 2,5 months the side effects (except being tired) all gone.

The combination of Avastin and Lynparza (PARP inhibitor - if it works) is one of the best possible treatments available at the moment with really good success rates. They don't have long term studies yet, but many women (stage 3 and 4) are beyond the 5 year survival rate on this regime (if I can find a clip to share the results I will share it again. I posted it some the ago in reply to some questions on this regime. Presentation by a Prof in UK)

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