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Hi everyone, I’ve been on olaparib now 2 years and I did have an anaphylactic reaction to Taxol. Has anyone who is on olaparib had the Covid Vaccine and if so did you have any adverse side effects? I have not received vaccine yet and I’m worried about it. Thanks all. Carol

15 Replies
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Hi Carol, my wife Suzanne had an anaphylactic reaction to carboplatin. She has been taking olaparib for 3.75 years now (her "magic pills") and has had both Covid jabs (AZ) with absolutely no problems.Her oncologist said that the risks from catching Covid far outweighed any risk from the jab.

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CShotz in reply to WoodyB

Thank you Woody. That is helpful. My onc is telling me something similar. I am so grateful for the olaparib and I do not want anything to get in the way of it’s effectiveness. Many thanks and I wish you and your wife strength.

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Hi I have been on Olaparib 7.5 years and i was advised not to have Pfizer vaccine because of grade,3 anaphalactic shock on carbo. Had 2 AZ Jabs. Bit of flu like side effects after 24 hours first jab, lasted 24 hours. Nothing on second jab x

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Many thanks Katmal. Nothing easy that’s for sure. Be well.

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HiNo reaction to taxol,carbo but on olaparib. No reaction to Pfizer jabs.

Go well


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Hi Carol, my wife Carla has been on Olaparib for 7 months now. No allergy to Carbo/Taxol/Avastin during first-line treatment. She got both doses of Moderna vaccine with no side effects on the first dose and one day of mild fever on the second. Keep strong! Marco

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CShotz in reply to CarlaAnt

Many thanks this information is very helpful. Be well.

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Good luck with whatever you decide, l would personally have the jab lve have both it did effect my blood test slightly but came back down thank goodness after a month. Stay well stay positive SheilaFxxx

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CShotz in reply to Realistic

Thank you, it sounds like I should go ahead and schedule the shots….the feedback I’ve seen here has been positive. Best to you.

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I have been on olaparib now for just over a year. I've had both vaccines with no side effects whatsoever (Pfizer).My ca125 is still 6 and was 750 on diagnosis. My oncologist was keen for me to have it.

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Thank you so much. I’mSo grateful for the feedback. Best to you.

Hi, I am on niraparib. No severe reactions from chemo. I had swelling and inflammation behind my knee within 2 hours of the Pfizer vaccine. I developed a bakers cyst. The dr. isn’t completely sure if it was just coincidental or my body’s reaction to the vaccine. Inflammatory response from the medicine in the vaccine can happen. I had to get a steroid shot into my knee, but it still bothers me. I only got the vaccine, because of my low immune system. I might not have gotten it otherwise, because I knew that this vaccine was not completely acknowledged by the FDA. I live in the U. S. Hope you do well whatever you decide to do, Donna

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I live in the US as well so I am a little hesitant myself about some of the reactions folks have had. My biggest concern of course is the fact that I had the anaphylaxis and have somewhat been advised not to get the shot at this time however I’m more concerned with getting Covid. It really is a tough decision for us isn’t it. I hope you do not continue to have issues with the inflammation and that you do well with your treatment thank you so much for your reply.

Thankyou for your reply. It is a tough decision when you have had an anaphylaxis problem before. Hope that you will do well in the coming days. 😊 Donna

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