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Mum ❤️


Nearly 18 months on since finishing her last chemo, my lovely mum and daughter in llandudno ( north wales) on sunday... ca125 was still 5 on friday... sending everybody a big hug on here, I dont come on as often but I know it’s always here.... and thank you! I still worry about recurrance but praying mum is going to be ok now ❤️

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Such a lovely photo. I am glad that your mum's CA125 is still low. Onwards and Upwards. Take care. Caleda

thank you so much x

What a lovely picture . Your mum looks so well . Brilliant CA 125 number . Long may it continue

What a lovely picture of your mum and daughter, mums ca 125 is good, onwards and upwards.Ellsey ❤️❤️

Great pic and great results too! Is it too early to say have a brilliant Christmas?!? ❤️

Beautiful pic, glad yr mum is doing so well xx

Thank you kathy 💗

Lovely picture Lovely messageGreat to hear such good news.

We all need it

Lots of love to you both

Angela xx

Great pic and great progress!Thanks for the update.


Lovely picture ! So glad your mum doing well xx❤️

Great results and what a lovely of picture of your mum and daughter. Your mum looks so well. It really cheers me up when I hear such good news. Long may it last. I wish your family all the best. Jackie 🤗.

How wonderful ,long may it continue.xx

That’s great news Claire. Recurrence is always at the back of our minds. Hoping your mum continues with good health and you too. X

Beautiful pic Claire, thank you for your lovely message..I'll message you back properly later. So good to hear your mum is doing so well ❤🌹

Lovely picture good luck

Fantastic! Thanks for letting us know Sue xxx

Claire, Thanks for sharing your good news and the beautiful photo of your mom and daughter. Best wishes from Louisiana


Beautiful picture and excellent news. Xx

Sending out a hug to you too. Happy to see that you are doing so well. Keep the faith! Take care, Donna

That's a lovely photo thanks for posting. I'm so pleased that your mum is doing so well. xx

I hope shes like you 🙏🏼 thank you x

What a beautiful picture and gives all of us fighting more determination. Cheers to 18 months! We all need to hear good news in this dreadful time ! Bless everyone !

Fab picture long may it continue xxxx

Dear Claire glad to see you and your daughter are having good times with your mum, she looks fantastic . Love to you all Bridie


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