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Morning all, had BRCA test done on Monday, told results should be back in two weeks. My CNS nurse says more likely to be 12 weeks. Am I correct in thinking that you have to start Olaparib withing 12 weeks of finishing chemo, are there any exceptions? Many Thanks

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Just want to say, that this slowness for results is really unacceptable.

My sister had been tested before me and was BRCA1 positive, plus I told my Oncologist this, as well as the fact that I have Ashkenazy heritage, and we both wrote to the genetics lab, and I could not even get a test scheduled in a timely fashion! 6 months later, I paid £179 to get it done through the Colour Lab in the USA, when I visited my sister, but here in the UK you can get it done through 123&Me, a genealogical site that does recognised lab work.

Unless your Oncologist can work miracles with the lab, it is an alternative.

Sorry you have to wait,


Hi Lyn,

I am brca1 and going on Lynparza/ Oliparib and yes my oncologist said you have to be on it within 12 weeks of your last chemo. Luckily I had my test very early in the process but the results took about 8 weeks to come back. I was told 8 weeks and that was exactly how long it took. I don’t know the reason for the 12 week rule. I guess all you can do is express your concerns to your oncologist and see if they can fast track your results in any way?! Good luck , Clare xx

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Hi Claire - I finished my chemo at the end of November so its going to be tight! dont understand why they dont do the BRCA test earlier if it has a time criteria attached, oh well what will be will be!

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Well mine was done early but she said there was no rush as it would not change front line treatment. I think things have changed recently because it’s only over Christmas that Lynparza has been made available as maintenance for frontline but only for brca on NHS so yes there now is more of a rush but perhaps oncologists haven’t changed their way of working yet. I’d hope yours could be fast tracked as there are treatment implications- hope so - good luck!

Hi Lyn, good luck with the BRCA. My results took 3 months and my daughters 1 month because they said they knew what they were looking for. I thought they knew what they were looking for with mine but hey ho.

Don't know anything about Olaparib so sorry can't help you with that. I just wanted to let you know it might not be as quick to get the results but hopefully, I'll be wrong.

Best wishes, Zena

Not sure what country you’re in, I’m UK and it took 12 weeks.

I’m just starting on zejula and was told it had to be started within 8 to 12 weeks of last chemo

I hope all this is sorted for you quickly.Did you just ask to be tested for the BRCA gene or was this suggested by your oncologist.No one has ever mentioned to me about the test.I found out recently that back in the 70s my maternal grandmother died from ovarian cancer but no one else as far as I know.


Ann x

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Hello Ann - no it has been offered to me, not sure why as not going through recurrence and have no close relations with either OC or breast cancer. After I refused Avastin due to ongoing health condition I expected to go on watch and wait. Am hoping I am BRCA negative.

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Thanks Lyn. I may mention it next time I go for my Avastin but not really keen to have any more tests! xx

Hello Ann, hope you are coping well with the Avastin.

I asked Dr C, one of our Consultants. It took ages but she was happy to arrange it. It only involves a blood test. (I am neg).


Linda x

Thank you for your reply Linda.I will be on dose 16 of Avastin next time and it isn't too bad.How are you getting along?

Ann x

I found a handout from NCCP its HSE in Ireland and one of the eligibility criteria is "Completed their previous platinum containing chemotherapy regimen in the previous 8 weeks" it may be different in the UK but ask them can they fast track the results anyway. Last year I tried to go on the Prima trial after my chemotherapy and I my oncologocist wouldn't agree the prima study was niraparib and too much time had passed by the time I got a second opinion and I was on avastin which also eliminated me from it.

The oncologist I saw said he was marking it urgent and hoped to fast track, but my CNS says it nearly always takes 12 weeks, will just have to see what happens.

I was told it would take up to three months, I got my results after about eight weeks

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