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Any guidance welcome

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Hi all,

Had terrible issues relating to food, stomach aches, pains etc - saw doctor - possible IBS relating to stress - did extra test with CA125 at 39. Now have been asked to go for scans. Most of yours seem really high compared to mine - will a scan show anything major? Had cyst 35 years ago. Hope you are alright and sorry if mine seems lower and maybe something else - just looking for anyone that can guide me - I have looked online and I know it could be a range of things.

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Hi lovely,

My special person has been having issues recently have you looked at a soft food diet? Her hospital has put her on this the past few days and she feels so much better than she did about a week ago xxx

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PKN1970 in reply to CallmeMum

Thank you for your advice - it seems to come and go - I can have really good days and really horrible days - I still believe it is IBS (as when I am calm I have no issues) but now got scan on Friday and my conditions have flared up. I will have a look at your suggestion. Just concerned about the CA results - don't really know much about them. Thank you again xx

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CA125 can be elevated for a number of reasons it’s not a certain that something sinister is happening, however always good to keep an eye on, although be aware symptoms can mimic different things, always better to be safe than sorry, at least your team are on the ball xxx

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Davonian in reply to CallmeMum

This would have been my reply too.

I am in a similar position to you. Have had IBS- like symptoms (plus some irregular bleeding) Ca125 slightly raised - 46. I’ve had scans now and they found a small simple cyst. I’m now waiting for another consultant appointment as the GYN wants to do an op to see what is going on. I’m 38 so they suspect endometriosis. Can’t provide any guidance but just wanted to say me to - I hope your tests go ok.

Mine was within the normal range, scan showed cyst on ovary. The highest it went for original diagnosis was 34

LA xx

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