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Gamma-glutamyl Transpeptidase? (GGT test)

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I've realized more and more how important it is to be my own advocate and I also like to think of myself as a bit of a medical sleuth :) so hoping for thoughts on the following:

In British Columbia (Canada) we are now allowed access to all of our medical reports, labwork results, hospital treatments, etc. by way of a "portal". It is a great way of keeping track of what my body is doing. I have found some info that I believe shows that my OC started much earlier than I thought and had a CA-125 test been done at the time I might have been at Stage 1 instead of Stage 3. I'm not trying to blame anyone but maybe this can help someone else. Here's my story.

April 23, 2017 I ended up in emergency with severe pain in my right side near my ovary. Tons of tests (including CAT scan) were done with no definitive answers. Blood work was also done including GGT test which was flagged because it was higher than the reference range (45 U/L). I was sent home, no followup and the pain lasted for approx. 5 days then disappear (at the time I thought it might have been a cyst that burst).

September 2018 - (after symptoms and Ultrasound) CA-125 test ordered - higher than reference range - CAT scans done and OC diagnosed

October 2018 - CA-125 test redone and number has doubled

November 2018 - due to Blood clots in lungs many more tests were done - including another GGT test. Results were even higher (54 U/L) than the test in April 2017.

I have been researching and found that Human Ovarian tumors express gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase. My thoughts are with the severe pain I had and the higher than normal GGT results should a CA-125 test been done at that time. Maybe the GGT test could serve as a marker for identifying OC at the early stage.

I would love to hear any thoughts my OC sisters have.

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Sounds like a good idea if it is a reliable indicator xx

Hi there. My gGT value is always fairly high but that's to do with my liver which is not in the best shape (despite hardly drinking any alcohol at all.. how is that fair , tsk ). I have not heard it mentioned to be especially indicative of Ovarian disease, to be honest.

You're certain that it's not related to your liver? Apologies if I mix something up here.

The ca125 though seems to be indicative of OC disease activity for some of us, myself included.

Hopefully your medical team will determine a course of action soon, to tackle the OC. All the best. Maus

I am so sorry for your late diagnosis - it’s a story many many of us recognize. I myself was hospitalized for a week on pain relief and antibiotics as soon as I went home the pain started again - I asked the stomach specialist if they could relook at my x rays and he refused saying they would be the same. A year later my oncologist returned to said x rays and confined I would have been stage one or two then - grrrr. It’s hard as we all have to just forgive and move on for our own sake but late diagnosis is sadly what happens a lot. This happened in SA but the story is familiar. I do not know if this test is an indicator though? Thanks for sharing T xxxxxxxxx

Your information made me go back through the blood reports I've kept since diagnosis in May 2011. Not all (been tested in three different labs over the years for various reasons) have given the GGT reading but in 2016 it was 37 & 35, in 2017 = 50 (outside the 0-40 'normal range' stated on the test sheet) and this year = 42. My CA125 has, on these tests, been between 14.9 and 8. So, maybe GGT is, like the CA125, just an 'indicator' not a definitive test? And maybe it is affected by other factors...just as CA125 can be? Worth exploring though. Lesley

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