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Complex cyst


Hi All, it’s been a while since I last posted. My CA-125 was elevated again at 68 in July and a recent CT scan has shown a 4 cm complex ovarian cyst. I had a 2.8 cm simple septated cyst Sept 2017 which had collapsed at the follow up scan 6 weeks later. I am being referred to a gynae oncologist now. I also have a history of endometriosis. I have pelvic pain, bloating and a very heavy feeling in my lower tummy when I stand for a while. Do complex cysts always need surgery?

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I had complex cysts when diagnosed - I think they may be considered to be suspicious but don't take my word on this as I don't really know. I was diagnosed with clear cell which can develop from endometriosis although I have not suffered from endometriosis to my knowledge. I did not have any pain or bloating- just mild nausea. Cysts are quite common and ovarian cancer is rare so please don't think the worst but do get checked out.

Mguilfo in reply to Neona

Thanks so much for your advice. Was your CA-125 elevated as well? I am 46 and still premenopausal? My highest CA-125 was 98. My energy levels are low as well and I have hip pain on that side as well.

Hopefully I won’t be waiting too long to see the gynae oncologist.

Neona in reply to Mguilfo

Looking back my original symptom was fatigue. I also had a persistent pain in my neck. I had a blood test which showed severe anaemia. Then I got stiffness and pain in both thighs. My ca125 was 16. I was diagnosed with polymyalgia although my GP always thought I had cancer and didn't believe I had polymyalgia. 2 years later the nausea started and eventually I couldn't eat and was sent for a scan. They found bilateral complex cysts - one was 10 cm- and some ascites. I was diagnosed stage 3c clear cell. I was so unlucky that I had so few symptoms and my ca 125 was normal - even though I must have had the cancer for 2 years before diagnosis. My ca125 at diagnosis was 67.

Mguilfo in reply to Neona

Thanks Neona for all the information you sent in regarding your diagnosis.

I still haven’t received my appointment with the gynae oncologist. I might follow up on it on Monday. I had booked a trip to NewYork with my hubbie and 2 girls at Halloween. Hopefully any surgery will wait until after that. Sending you good wishes.


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