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Holby Sh*tty - Epilogue


Hi there mes amies. C'est moi, your roving reporter from deep within Cancerology Central.

Three kilos, nurse Sylvie says. You have lost three kilos. That'll be Rocky and Connard then as I have been on high calorie intravenous drip and latterly eating. Apparently you don't lose weight on a regime like that - ZenaJ will back me up on this. Now, with the new regime, there is little chance I'll gain any weight. In fact, they can send me back from UK in a padded envelope as I won't need a seat on the plane.....

I would love to fly off tomorrow leaving you with a smile, but I'm knackered. I've sat on my backside all day doing "office" work on the laptop. My brain hurts. I'm treasurer for an association and I have to pay four of the members for sales. It was a simple task - or so I thought. The association got the money by cheque, it was banked and cleared and now I can pay the members. I asked for their invoices, a simple enough job for most, but there's always one isn't there? I spent three solid hours this afternoon - all through hubby's visit - trying to make sense of their figures. No matter how many times I added and subtracted, cross checked with the statements, in total they are asking for more than was paid and no-one gets anything until it all tallies up. In the end I wrote to them all and they can all sort it out themselves while I'm away. Hubby went home with a long list of things to do and a headache. I lay in my darkened room and smouldered a bit. Now all I want is sleep.

I'm outta here at 10am, armed with a bucket load of pills and potions. I had a shot in my backside this morning. I asked what it was and they gave me the name, which I've since forgotten, but I remembered it long enough to google it. It's used to treat acromegaly. A hormone overgrowth which causes large bones. Now, I know I have big feet but come on - that's a bit cheeky. So, I asked the doc when she visited - the loo handle one with the rubbish English - and she looked quite shocked that I had bothered to look it up. Apparently, in the dose prescribed to me, it helps the intestines. Well, I'll go to the top of our stairs. I'll be given a shot once a month. If my feet shrink then I'll know it's working but I don't particularly want to reduce downwards much more. I'm already a little old lady.

There's been a lot of funny moments during my stay - most of them directed at me of course. But I've seen some sad things too - like the chap who obviously has cancer in his face and neck but goes out regularly for a smoke. Why??? The family crying in the lounge next door whilst the doctor filled in forms. I backed quietly out of the door that day. Then there was the visit by the phantom. It's a strange story and one which I've told to one other member but I may as well give you the bare bones. I woke up in the middle of the night and what sounded like a Banshee was in my room. I sat up and thought, it's the grim reaper come for me. I did say, p*ss off but it didn't stop. I put on the light and the nurse came in and asked why I couldn't sleep. I said it's the phantom but she said no, it's the wind making my door frame howl and she shut my window to stop the draft.

The morphine has started to leave me now. Sneezing episodes - usually when I need a pee - and nasal drip. I loved some of my morphine moments, especially the fairies and their decorating. Don't know about Willy Wonka's lift though. That was a strange day.

So, I'm free tomorrow morning at 10am and I've ordered assistance at the airports so if anyone is in Stansted tomorrow evening and sees a wrinkly old lady in a wheelchair with a bright purple suitcase on her knees then that'll be me. Please stop and say hello. O'Leary had better behave tomorrow, or else.

Thank you all for listening and thank you all for being there. I'll read your posts daily whilst I'm away and maybe drop in briefly now and then but I'm having 10 days of me time. Can't wait.

Lots of love to you all.

Kryssy xxxx

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Enjoy your escape and break. Much love to you. Xx

Your posts have been so funny, love reading them. Enjoy your ‘me’ time and break, much love xxx

Enjoy your break! Don’t forget, as suggest by Mac27 a week or so ago, to take your prescription in case of problems at the frontier with all those medications. Think you can also take two plastic bags of liquids if you have the prescription.

Bon voyage!

Should be another lovely day here in Essex tomorrow Kryssy...so hopefully your flight will be on time xx

Love that post, Michael O Leary has a lot to answer for but having said that he is bringing more flights to and from Cork next year, well this is what he is saying but you can never believe it. I hope you have a fine break in the UK with lots of laughter with friends and family,

Oh I’m so happy that you’re escaping lovely! Take it easy and have a quiet time.

With my love, Ali xx

AwKryssy so glad you’re escaping and you definitely deserve some you time you’ve been through a lot!

Maybe Rocky wasn’t rock but bones so that’s why the bottom shot this morning lol? I really hope you’re feet don’t shrink you’ll fall over!!

Have a fantastic time with family, get strong and eat lots of whatever you’re allowed to eat now xx

Sending you much love and hugs

Bev xx

If anyone needs a change of scenery, it's you! Enjoy Gx

Glad your escape is imminent,Kryssy. Hope you have a smooth journey and a happy time with your family. Love and a hug, Solange xx😊

You did it! Wunderbar. Must be really hard to be separated geographically on top of all this stuff. We take so much for granted sometime don't we.

Enjoy your Lovely Family and Break! You Deserve It!xxxxDawn!🌻😀🌻🌺🎀

Bon voyage my friend will order the cakes!

LA xx

Have a wonderful trip!

xx Gina

Have a lovely trip Kryssy, family time is best xx

Enjoy yr well deserved break xx


Have a wonderful time. Keep well x

Awesome news.

Have a fab time, enjoy your “me” time.

Safe travels xxx 🌻

Hi Love, So place you are finally escaping, have a great break take care Lorraine xx😀😁

No one deserves a break more than you. Have a great time with family and friends. Hope your allowed a drink or two. 🍷🍷🍷

So pleased you’re being set free today. Have a fab time in the UK, you really derserve some happiness after the ordeal of the past few weeks. Bon voyage. Jo 🌺🌼🌸🌻🌹

Oh Kryssy whilst I have been feeling quite yuk post the lovely poison, I’ve read all your posts and even though I’ve felt on my knees you truly have had me smiling.

You go and enjoy your freedom, have a wonderful time.

Sending you hugs Ellsey xx

Enjoy your break and thanks for all the entertainment! Xxx

Have a wonderful break you certainly deserv it Pam x

You have a great time Kryssy. Looking forward to hearing all about it when you come home. Hugs, Zena xx

Enjoy every minute, good for you for going. Yes take bloods, letters etc with you then you won’t need them. Hurrah! Xxxxx

You SO deserve a break Kryssy--and more experiences for your wonderful stories--which I have no doubt with wheelchair at the airport alone, you will have. But these 10 days should be lovely and enjoy every minute. I bet you feel better and better as the [helpful] drugs leave your system more and more. And those you need, remain.

I was in the hospital unable to move much once (had brain surgery in 2003---yes I did!) and a man from the next room who was a bit insane (it was a "brain ward" after all) came in at 3AM and sat in my visiting chair. I was buzzing and buzzing for help as really did not want a crazy 3AM visitor and no one came! I am sure they thought the morphine got to me too as I kept saying "I have someone visiting and I want them to leave!" Eventually, the nurses did come in to shoo him away, and had to tell his family he needed a separate aide to watch him all night as he wandered in regularly if not! So my visitor was real although I wish it has been the howling wind!

Thinking of you and glad you will drop in while away! We will miss you but so glad you are going visiting! oxoxoxo Judy

Enjoy your well earned break Kryssy.i loved your hilarious posts which made light of a very distressing subject. I read one while I waited in fear at my very first appointment with a colo rectal specialist and it gave me courage. When it comes to OC and PPC bowel problems are the elephants in the room only ever spoken about on this website and yet they cause the greatest distress. At least that has been my experience. Over seven years ago before my first chemo I was given my large prescription list which had laxatives on it. From then on it was never mentioned despite the fact that with PPC in particular cancer cells can spread to that area . I now await some kind of “ oscopy “ very soon. It’s not a colonoscopy and I gather doesnt involve drinking large amounts of a vile liquid for a whole day !

I didn’t intend this reply to be all about me ! I just wanted to thank you for starting the conversation and making this delicate subject normal and even funny ! Have a lovely time and don’t let any more unwelcome visitors take up residence . Take care . Come back soon to us !



Enjoy your time out. Love Bridie

So glad you are escaping- enjoy!

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