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Bad day


I had such a bad day at work today

I struggle every day with things that were second nature to me

I’ve been at the same job for almost 20 years but I just can’t seem to catch up.

I’m always tired always stressed.

I interact with customers all day

I’ve always been patient always had a smile on my face no matter how difficult a customer was

Now everything bothers me

I don’t show it but I’m always upset, mad at everything

As soon as I got to my car today I started crying I couldn’t stop for like 10 mins

I feel like I’m going to explode!

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I hear you, Jasel.

Last year (on the day of my work's Christmas party, at that), an offhand minor comment by a director in regards of a training I had just conducted completely threw me. Cried all afternoon. Ditched the party. Nobody got what set me off. After the holidays, I actually asked for a 1:1 with that director to raise awareness. He was very kind and quite sorry.

I think in fact customers, management and most other folks at work can't perceive the extra pressure we deal with on a daily basis. Especially customers might sometimes see us more as a service or function than a human being to begin with, and let's face it, I wouldn't want to let everyone in on it either.

So maybe we just allow ourselves to have an off day/evening now and then, and seek support from trusted people like the line manager, a cancer support group or a psych specialist to make it through that spot of bother.

Many hugs for you. You are doing well for resuming a full time job to start with. Xx. Maus

Hope it's just a blip. I gradually gained momentum and confidence after going back to work after 9 months off.

Be kind to yourself. Employment law is also on your side with a cancer diagnosis. You are allowed extra time, extra breaks and hospital appointment time.

Tomorrow is another day. Hope it's a much better one. Big hug.

Sandra xx


Oh yes.... I think everyone finds the work context a real reminder of what the impact of this horrid disease is. I did. It will get better, really. Hang on in there. xxx

Thank you guys for responding

It’s funny the first thing I thought when I was having my meltdown was to come here and write about it

You are such a great help

The odd meltdown is a great way to relieve stress. But if you're feeling like you're about to explode, maybe it's time to see about some counselling? Just a thought. You're going through so much, and it's not like there's a handbook to help us.


Hopefully the meltdown helped you feel better. I think they're needed once in awhile and I too, do them alone. But did want to say I started counseling after Frontline and recurrence as didn't know how to handle the stress/worry/fear and waiting for the endless test results. She has been so so helpful! Hoping today is or was a better day for you. oxoxo Judy


I just wanted to reach out and let you know I'm thinking of you and you vent away!

It's incredibly tough interacting with the general public and maintaining a certain persona, when you have so much inside affecting you both emotionally and physically.

I really do symapthise...I had a meltdown many times once I returned to work after recovering from surgery. I'm a super positive, people focused lass bit, we all have our limitations.

Allow yourself to have bad LittleSan says be kind to yourself and remember we are all here to listen and support you.

Sending you lots of good wishes,Clare xx

Hi Jasel,

I just wanted to send you a warm hug and say I truly believe a meltdown is a form of release valve, and I thank God for mine! We're only human, and even without this horrid disease to deal with, your having to deal with customers all day long must be very stressful. I take my hat off to you, and wish you much better days.

Love and best wishes,

Kelly x

It’s hard when you go back to doing things that before were second nature, that was you then, this is you now, it will come back to you, it just takes a little time, don’t try to do everything straight away, your employer should be allowing you to have a phased return to your original duties which allows you to get back up to speed at your own pace. One little step at a time and you’ll get there. Big comforting hugs lovely, be kind to you ❤️Xx a Jane

Is it possible for you to take a break and get away for a few days. Its okay not to feel okay all the time but sometimes we need to care for ourselves better than we care for our work and our customers, Dealing with the public is stressful, I returned to work after chemo and put myself through the same carry on, I also went to a Cancer Support Group near me and spoke to a counsellor. I was then able to take a different focus on things and people. I am retired now but I am far more chilled than I ever was. Today was today and tomorrow is a whole new day. You can only do your best and not stress over silly stuff which we do. Hope this helps

As others have said- it is hard living with this c**p. At least we are able to vent and rant to those who really understand.

Best wishes Fay

Glad you cried. Sort of helps release whatever gets built up inside. I won't cry in front of people though. Just finished up my second line chemo and I keep having these conversations inside my head on how angry and mad I am at the world (but I never show it). The days that I don't feel that way, I am over exuberant and my adrenaline makes my pressure rise so high I feel like I am stroking out. lol. What a See Saw we are riding. I keep trying to blame the chemo? The fact that I am in a panic all the time? For what? Is it that I am getting cranky in my old age? (I'm 61) What the heck? I feel like my head is a washing machine and I'm stuck on spin cycle. Then I think I am bi-polar. It just goes on and on and then I'm over it. Regardless of what I just described about myself (a psycho), one thing for sure...what we all have gone through has certainly changed our perspective and tolerance of people with no problems but enjoy being the problem. Customer Service will invite problem people in. I am in HR and we are one, big complaint dept. People complain about stuff that doesn't even affect them. Brats. A false sense of entitlement and no manners.

Once I found out that I had recurrence in January, I reguested to take a step down and handle payroll. I knew I would not be able to interact with complainers. I am told I am a saint filled with patience. I also know, that I scream inside my own head as people are complaining. This all settles down, but, if you feel that the customers are affecting your head...just see if you can change up your position. If you can. Not always possible, but, just know that we are all out here cheering for you. No one gets it until they become "touched" the way we have. Good luck!



Jasel23 in reply to Mptelesca

You are too funny

You put a smile on my face thank you for that.

I am sorry about your recurrence though

I hope everything goes well

Thank you every one

I had a better day today

I passed by church this morning before work asked god for help.

It is hard dealing with this horrible disease. I ha e always been the glass half full person and for the most part I still am. However, last week I had. Full blown blow up at my husband, yelling, crying and all. He has lung cancer and COPD and had not gone for his pulmonary rehab two days in a row. Turns out it was the best thing I could have done. He understood how I was feeling and I felt so much better. We will be married 50 years in September and had planned a 12 day cruise to ALASKA but had to cancel it with my diagnosis in May. Take care of you, Jamel! Prayers for you.’💙

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