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Goodbye everyone


I have had nearly 6 years of reasonably heatlth and only foung out today I don’t much longer. My husband will have my phone from here. Thank you for you your good advice and I have appreciated all the friendships I have made. Be strong be happy. I am going to a happy place with good thoughts filling my heart. Sending love to you all. ❤️Thank you teal sisters.

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I am heartbroken for you and your family. There are no words to express my sorrow for where you find yourself and admiration for sharing your thoughts with us all. The biggest hug and love to you and may your remaining time with us be filled with peace, love and everything you need. Farewell teal sister.

xxxxxxxxx Kryssy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

What? I don’t believe it! I am truly shocked. I wish you peace and comfort in the coming days and weeks. Rest well, beautiful lady.

Vicki xxx

I don’t know what to say except that I am sending good wishes to you lovely lady xx

JUst want you to know I’m sending you love and prayers, and like you when my time comes I know I’m going to a better place. Xxxx

There are no words except to send you and your husband love for the days ahead to to wish you a peaceful and comfortable journey. Jo 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹


Oh Sharon, I have read your post and you have given me so much hope that I can keep going. I send love to you and your family. I hope that you can find some enjoyment in each day and that you can be pain free xxx

Above all, I hope that you will have a painfree and peaceful time ahead, Sharon. Thank you for your many insightful and helpful posts. They have lifted me up on more than one occasion. Who knows.. we may meet again, at some point. Hugs. Maus.

Wishing you peace xxx

My lovely lady, may you have a pain free and peaceful next stage of your teal journey you will be missed all the love in the world to you and your husband ❤️🌹❤️🌹❤️🌹❤️ Xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I am so sorry to read this. It must have been a very difficult post to write. Sending you a big ((hug))

It’s six years for me too and I won’t see the year out ❤️

Thinking of you

LA xx

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Lila Anne you have been my inspiration. See you on the one side. I just don’t any more strength. Love you all my teal sisters. Doug will grab my phone today. X

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Put the kettle on for me

Much love


I am so sad, you are so positive, and have helped bring light into a lot of very dark places for your fellow warriors. Safe and peaceful journey sweet Therese

Sending love and a gentle hug. X

You have our love and support through this. I wish you peace and hope you are comfortable as you get your teal wings lovely lady ❤️Xx Jane

I have no words but want to send you love and gentle hugs on this next stage of your journey, sending love and light Xxx ✨✨✨

Wishing you peace, love and pain free days. Sounds like you have many to be with you and make you comfortable. So so sorry. oxoxox

May peace and love be with you during this time.. love and hugs🌹🌹

Wishing you nothing but peace. xx

Thank you for all you contributed to this group. A part of you will live on in the hearts of your loved ones. You will be missed.


Thank you everyone. I will give my husband to tell you when it is done. My oncologist told me less than 6 weeks so I will cry my little tears and pass to where my god is. Sending you my heartfelt love. Be happy and die with love in your heart. Goodbye. X

Oh Sharon, thank you for still reaching out, as you have done in your many posts through the years. We reach out to you too now, with love ❤️

Hi Sharon, words can not describe how sad Iam. I was in tears reading it. It just show how awful this illness is. Praying for your peace and comfort. Thank you so much for all your contributions to our forum. Sending you big hugs. Xxxx

Thank you for all that you have done for us. Sending you lots of love, comfort and peace.

xx Gina

I can’t believe it. We will remember your helpful posts. Rest and take care. Peace!

Sending you love and hugs through this journey. We are here for you, and your husband whenever he needs us x x

Bless you xxx

I cannot but support the sentiments that have already been expressed. I send my heartfelt thoughts to you and your family and hope you are surrounded by love and kindness and wonderful, empathetic care. Chris

Words are not adequate. Be in peace and may your family be with you.


sending you love and comfort 🙏

Sending you hugs and love...❤️

So sorry to read this I wish you peace and painfree days and comfort for your family at this hard time xxx Clare

Love, Peace and Prayers for you and your Family, God Bless. Dawnxxxx🌺🌺🌻🐞🌹

Prayers for you and your family.

So saddened to read this post,I wish you peace and love on the next stage of your journey.

Sending you virtual hugs xx🦋🦋🦋

My thoughts are with you both. 💐

God Bless you and be happy he will be there for you so sorry

This is news we don’t want to hear. I hope your end is peaceful pain free. Love to you and your husband.

Kathy ❤️❤️

Bless you, wishing you great symptom control and serenity. Xx

I'm so, so sad to read your post, Sharon. I wish you peace and freedom from any pain. It must be very comforting to have your faith in God. With much love to you and your husband, from Solange. 💐

You will be missed by all of us. Sending my thoughts to your family and wish for you a peaceful, pain free time filled with family, friends, love and laughter. "Hamba Gashele" (an African wish to go with peace ) x x

Our own demise seems something that we learn to accept somewhere along the journey , but it’s so much harder for those we leave behind. I came across this during the week, which gives a lot of comfort and helpful tips


No. 3 2018 | Help for Those Who Grieve Where can we find help to deal with grief?

These articles discuss what to expect when a loved one dies, as well as practical steps you can take to cope with your grief.

The Agony of Grief

Few things cause more stress or heartache than the death of a mate, relative,

or dear friend. Consider what experts and those who have lost a loved one have to say.

What to Expect

What emotions and challenges can a bereaved person expect following the death of a loved one?

Sending you much love, and I am in awe of your wonderful attitude, peace to you and your family, God bless you and keep you xxxxx🌺

I’m relatively new to this game and feel very moved by your post even though I don’t know you. You’ve given it your best shot and supported others on their journey. So sad to hear your news. Wishing you peace and sending love to your family. Cheryl.

Sharon, my wish is that you are surrounded by your angels who have watched over you for the past 6 years. May they hold you tight as you complete you journey. Find comfort that peace is ahead. Love to you. Jill

My thoughts are with you. Xx

So very sad to read your post, it must be the hardest one to write. Wishing you peace and pain-free time with loved ones in the weeks to come and know that your teal sisters here are thinking of you. With love and hugs.

Madeline ❤️ Xxx

My thoughts and prayers are with you. Love Bridie

We are very saddened to read your post but are close behind and heading for the same destination as are the planet's entire population. May yours be peaceful and pain free ✈

Very sad to hear your news. May God be with you!

Sending love and light 🌹🌸🌼🌻 hope your journey is peaceful and pain free and you share some special days with those close to you with warmth and love. 🌷🌼🌻🏵

God bless you , and your love ones 🌻🌻🌻🌺🌺

Sending so much love to you and your family. 💕💕💕

Thank you for strengthening us with your passion and love. May you enjoy a peaceful, pain free continuation of your journey. Eternal peace and joy to you, sister.



My heart goes out to you and your family and friends. I hope you are well looked after and in no pain. Hugs from Australia.

Hi Sharon

I was so sad to read your Goodbye to all of us. Like so many people I have been the recipient of your valuable advice so often. We are all traveling on this journey with you and you will get off a little while before us . I hope your days are filled with the love of family and friends . God bless you my friend



You are in my prayers tonight even though we’ve never met...a beautiful and very brave post best wishes Clare xx

No words, it has all been said, just love, peace and best wishes to you,

Carole xxxx

I am praying for you on your journey.

:( I'm so very sad to read this, but bolstered by your amazing attitude. You and your husband are in my thoughts and prayers xxx

Sending you and yours lots of love and hugs🌹🌸💐🌻🌺🌾

I'm so very sad to hear this but love your amazing attitude and caring for others. God bless you in the days and weeks ahead. I'll be thinking about you.

I wish you a peaceful, pain free end. Sending you and your husband all my love. You will be in all our thoughts.

I'm new but came to know you through the posts I've just read. The battle may be nearly over, but your triumph is in the knowledge that you have touched the hearts of many. I too lift you and your family up in love and and thanks for your brave contribution to this world. Many blessings to you and your family, Eileen


You and yours are in my thoughts and prayers...I may not know you but your strength shines through your words x

Xx i hope you have the care that you wished for at this moment - it sounds as though you do - and that your husband knows to come here if he needs it. With all peace to you xx

May God’s Peace Be With You. Thank you for being here for us God Bless

Sending you love and comfort and a Blessed journey! 🙏🏻

Sending lots of love 💖

God bless you on your next journey. One day we will all meet in that happy place. Safe travels my friend. God will call on us all one day and we'll have a great celebration. Much love teal sister.❤❤❤Liz

Hi this is getting harder and harder to read that I will lose another friend, i'm sending you my heart felt best wishes and thank you for your advice and encouragement you have given me in the last 4 years, peace my friend... Lorraine xxxx

Prayers for you and your family. Not giving up hope, prayers fo healing and comfort.

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