Stable scans and blood test but still pain-3c low grade

Hi there

Have been diagnosed with 3c low grade on may. Finished chemo in August. Last two weeks have had persistent low back pain and worse stomach ache. Like the worst period is coming. Scans came back today clear and 125 test is normal. Should I push to see the doctor? Anyone have any idea what or could be? The full aching does not give up, day or night. Feel a bit of a fool for making a fuss.

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  • Hi Babbey

    I would recommend calling the doctor maybe it’s just discomfort remaining from chemo later effects .

    Sending good energy and positive thoughts

  • Never feel like a fool. I always say to mum that if its on your mind, and you're worried, get it checked. Xx

  • Hi Babbey, I had wicked pain after my first line but nothing was wrong. I was told it could be the after effects of the surgery.

    I would call the hospital where you have been treated just to make sure this is normal don't ever feel you are making a fuss. Take care Cindyxx

  • Put your mind at rest and get it checked 😀

  • Ive had this for nearly a year they are gonna go a laparoscopy to look for endometriosis have they not sent you to gynocologist they will suggest this if you do

  • I’ve had a similar pain dogging me for weeks they can’t decide if it’s scar tissue or my hernia. I’m due a scan but as there was pain on the last CT but no obvious cause I’m not expecting great answers

    Does it get worse towards the end of the day?

    LA xx

  • Lily -Anne, I just had my scan Friday afternoon, I am doubtful if it will show anything that is causing my pains as well, figure it's scar tissue or one of my several hernias I have now. as the afternoon wears on it becomes more of a literal pain. please let me know if they can identify it so maybe I can address it in some way.

  • I also have a constant pain on my right side can sort of describe it as a stich like pain. The onclogist said he thinks it something to do with my water works and my doctor just says nothing. I have given up working about now as no one else seems concerned with it. Sometimes I wish these people would just be honest instead of doging my questions it's really frustrating.


  • Thanks everyone for your replies. So nice to have each other!

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