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Had 2 cisplitin been ok Just sick and feeling sick my question is had a bowel obstruction 3 weeks ago everything seems to be working fine now it was because of my cancer pressing on the bowel but my tummy still makes really bad noises like a p washing machine is this normal after obstruction I don't know if it's good or bad sign if no noise whould be worse xxx

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Hi there it is good if the obstruction has cleared. I think noise means your bowel is functioning, just make sure you speak to your team if you have further concerns. If you are not constipated I would say all is good.


Hi, it's so good you're functioning normally again after such a rubbish time and you must be so relieved both that things are ok again and you now know the reason for the issue in the first place. I agree with what Suzuki has said, but if you're at all concerned a quick phone call couldn't hurt? but so long as things are moving and you feel ok I'd suggest you are ok but be body aware (I think we're all sometimes a tad over aware here 😊). Keep as well as you can ❤️Xx Jane


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