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Elevated CA125 and Ovarian cyst

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High guys,

Thanks for all the advice given. I went back to the GP yesterday and he repeated my CA125 which was 96 last march! He also included lots of other tests including Bowel cancer marker cells! He sent me for an ultrasound today and a 2.8 cm ovarian cyst was found. He will scan me again in 6 weeks! The cyst looked black with one grey line down one side of it! My gynaecologist didn't see this 6 weeks ago but her scan wasn't as clear looking! And she is adamant that it's endometriosis! Maybe plans will change depending on The blood results in 9 days time! I won't relax till then!


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Hi Maria,

You sound a bit worried and I feel you could ask for your blood results earlier than them if you are worried if you want them?

Is your GP giving them to you or a Gynae Consultant? I usually ring and ask them to give them to me over the phone. Although sometimes they won't do this.

Hope you get the answers you are looking for. I keep really busy when I am waiting for results and try and keep my mind distracted.

It is a crazy system of waiting in this country. My father lives /has treatment in France and you get the results the same day or within a few hours! No waiting around, and so much easier for the patient!

Good luck anyway

Love Nicky xx

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Hi Nicky,

Thanks for the words of support. The doc gave me the other results over the phone. Because they took lots of different bloods they said that they should all be back in ten days. I might ring on wed, a week after bloods taken. I live in Ireland so maybe the results take longer here. I won't be in touch with my Gynae until I have the second ultrasound done in 6 weeks which is done with a radiographer ! She didn't spot the cyst 6 weeks ago or else it wasn't there then!

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Nicky100 in reply to Mguilfo

Good luck and do let us know how you get on xxx

Hi lovely, I totally understand your worries, like Nicky says see if you can get your blood results sooner, I really hope your gynaecologist is right and it's endometriosis and nothing more serious (endometriosis is bad enough though). I'm not going to say don't worry that would be silly. Try to keep as well as you possibly can and please let us know when you get your results through. Take care ❤️Xx Jane

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Thanks Jane,

I am going to try the doc next wed, a week after bloods taken. If they come back high he might ring me before then. I went on an injection in May to put me into a tempory menopause so the cyst was surprising seeing as there should be no hormones in my system at the moment! The ultrasound also showed a fatty liver so I have to keep an eye on the liver function tests and the diabetes ones! So double trouble at the moment!!!xMaria

Are ye getting my replies? They seem to be under my post! Maybe I am doing something wrong?

I hope all turns out well for you. Just a couple of thoughts spring to mind. CA-125 can be elevated in the case of endometrial cyst which can be caused by endometriosis . Having said that, I think I would push for a CT scan if it doesn't resolve quickly. If anything suspicious is found, you should immediately be referred to a gynea/oncologist and one who does a lot of OC surgery as it is very specialized. Hopefully it won't come to that but it doesn't hurt to be prepared. Best wishes D

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Thanks, if she did a laporascopy and saw for sure that it was endo causing the raised CA125 I be happier! The injection(dectapeptyl) was supposed to calm down the endo so why did a cyst form since my last scan unless it was there and she didn't see it! On Thursdat I saw the importance of a really full bladder for a clear scan. The dr doing the scan could not see the left ovary clearly so he sent me off to drink 4 more cups of water!20 mins later you couple see the ovary and cyst clearly! It would have been missed!!

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