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I was wondering if anyone on the NHS has been offered intra peritoneal infusions. I ask as I noticed that these infusions directly into the peritoneum are quite common in the States and when I asked my oncologist in Maidstone he told me that it wasn't done here. My tumours are all in the peritoneal cavity now. It would seem much more sensible to attack them directly. What do others think?

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  • Hi I agree with your thoughts but I also think your oncologist is right and that they are not common here unfortunately. Not sure whether that is a cost thing. Kathy xx

  • My hospital is a centre of excellence for IP chemo...but only for an obscure form of appendix cancer. When I asked about it for OC, they looked a bit surprised.

  • Hello, fellow American here. My mom was originally scheduled to receive IP chemo; so I know some info on it.

    IP Chemo here (or atleast in my location), is typically given after patients experienced neo-adjuvant chemotherapy. Because of IP chemo having a higher level of toxicity than IV, if you are already experience toxicity with IV you typically won't do well on IP. My mom was eligible for IP chemo because her only chemo side-effect was fatigue, while her friend (who had the same surgeon) had peripheral neuropathy and was not a candidate.

    The port is typically placed in during debulking surgery only under specific circumstances. The surgery has to be optimal (with less than <1cm of visible disease) and must not intestinal involvement.

    When my mom went to her consultant prior to surgery (in March), our surgeon said he attended a conference that found DDC has the same results as IP chemo with less toxicity. Unfortunately, I cannot find a published study that supports what our surgeon stated (though it might be in the processes of publishing); but we took his advice and will stick with DDC regime.

  • IP infusion has very strong positive results. For data go to BioMed Publications and seek out the abstract for GOG 182 Study. IP saved my life.

  • I asked my onc about IP admin of chemo. He explained more people stop treatment because side effects worse and according to him and he is in an of centre of excellence in the uk, that it doesn't give significant better outcomes. Now that may be overall or specific to my subtype low grade serous. Probably the latter. Hope this helps.

  • I did ask my specialist in London, not allowed to add his name now I believe, & he said he would possibly be able to administer in clinic privately.

    However, I note that recently a top Onco has had his license suspended for pushing treatment to the absolute limit, beyond the NICE body limitations.

    Whilst having mixed feelings about it, let's be honest-most treatment restrictions in UK are about money. Of course, some are just not approved yet, but if these treatments are approved in other more forward thinking countries, & give us all a better chance, many of us on this forum would try I think.

    Tough one to decide when you feel terrible, but I know a few still here who pushed on

  • Thank you all for your interesting and informed input, and taking the time to post. I guess I'll carry on with my 5th line weekly taxol and look again at possibilities next time on the roulette wheel. Good luck to everyone 😊 Carole H x

  • IP is available here ( Australia) as a matter of course. I received IP treatment in the initial round. It has severe side effects. Not everyone can handle the process. It is considered part of the treatment options. Sharon

  • Thanks for that Sharon. Is it on Medicare and freely available to all? And how are you doing Sharon? Carole H 😊

  • I'm in the us. I had surgery first and an IP port was implanted at the time so I had 6 months or so of IP and IV. It was tough but I tolerated it thinking it would be worthwhile for a good result. Unfortunately I recurred about 4 months later so now considered platinum resistant. just 18 months ago it was considered the best option. Now I believe the jury is still out according to newer studies on what the best option is


  • I asked the same question and was told Basingstoke specialist hospital do it but only if the primary only started in the peritoneum. I was sent their first with ppc stage 3c, however after looking at my biopsy and scans was told they believed it was gynaecological and was referred to the Royal Surrey.

    Ellsey xx

  • Maybe I am in a good position to comment with my two bit. For those who haven't known me, we live in India and my wife had debulking as well as chemo in India. She was diagnosed with PPC stage 3C in Dec 2015, was optimally debulked in the same month together with a hot chemo known as Hipec. Intraperitoneal port as well as intravenous port were implanted (the IV port got infected after chemo no 4) . Thereafter six rounds of carboplatin and paclitaxel were administered IV as well as IP, which got over by May 2016. She is in complete remission now and barely any signs of chemo induced neuropathy. So, it may be safe to say that IP chemo may indeed benefit cases of PPC.


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