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Concerned about swelling

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Hi I am worried about the left side of my stomach it's quite swollen. I haven't got a flat tum ๐Ÿ˜,and I have put on quite a lot of weight with all my treatment. But it is definitely swollen on the left side. I am seeing my oncologist on the 10th of July ,I am worried it's coming back again . Sending all my best wishes to all the lovely ladies on here , who are fighting this terrible disease. Julie xxx

33 Replies

Is there any chance that you could get your appointment brought forward or get your GP to have a look for you?

I am going to ring up on Monday and see if I can get to see someone.x

Good there is no point sitting at home fretting. I have noticed that my scar has become more prominent and my tummy looks a bit lobsided so I asked when I was in clinic yesterday. I haven't got a hernia but he thinks the tissue around the scar is weakening a bit

My tummy looks a bit lobsided ,I wonder if that could be the reason. Should find out next week . Xx

Hi Julie, I think it's best if you call your CNS or oncologist earlier than the 10th of July if you are concern about it just to put your mind at rest. I too put on 2 stone of weight as I can not stop eating after every treatment ang the high dosed of steroids makes you craves for everything! Hope everything goes well with you.. Take care.. Xx

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Juliette35 in reply to Luchie

Hi luchie,I am going to do that ,I finished chemotherapy in December but still have good appetite .I look like I am pregnant.,๐Ÿ˜x

Juliette, it could be start of a hernia. Get this checked out now. Don't wait!๐Ÿ˜Š

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Juliette35 in reply to Tesla_7US

I am going to telsa , hopefully I will be able to see someone next week.x

I would suggest you get an apt with your gp and if he thinks its necessary try and get that apt with oncologist brought forward

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Yes I will do Suzuki , it's a long time to wait . Hopefully will be able to see someone next week.x

Like all these other ladies mention, I would try to bump up your appointment to get checked out. Rather find out the reason now, and tried to get it sorted before the swelling becomes uncomfortable/painful. Goodluck Kris x.

Thankyou Christina, I am going to do that .x

Hi Julie,

10th of July does seam to be a long time to wait. Give them a ring and see if you can get seen earlier to put your mind at rest.

Thinking of you.

Mandy, xx

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Juliette35 in reply to Millie-c

Thanks Mandy , when I think about it he did say to ring if I had any concerns. So will do that on Monday, can't get to see anyone over the weekend.xx

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Millie-c in reply to Juliette35

Do let me know how you get on babe. Xxx

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Juliette35 in reply to Millie-c

Thanks Mandy, I will do . Xxx

Thankyou to everyone who replied to my message. I will ring my GP later this morning, it's ten past one in the morning.will be going to bed soon .๐Ÿ˜ดnight night to you all and Thankyou once again,I don't know how I would cope without health unlocked . Xxx

And may I add to all you wonderful ladies xxx Julie

I'm glad you are getting an appointment to see someone. No point you worrying and if it's fluid it can be drained. Hope it goes well and isn't a recurrence.

I couldn't see anyone today Lesley ,so going to ring up the hospital on Monday. Thankyou for your advice . X

Hi.I'm having the same issues as you are having.My appointment is not until Aug 11th.My surgeon/oncologist told me not to do scans or ca125 unless I have symtoms.Bloating is one of my symtoms plus weight loss and constipation.I will be giving her a calll in the next two weeks if my symtoms dont go away. To ease your mind,.You should call your doctor to rule out reoccurance or something else that may be going on.Good luck...๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™

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Juliette35 in reply to Lynn_B

Thanks Lynn , I am going to ring Macmillan nurse up and see if she can get me an earlier appointment to see oncologist. Xx

Hi Julie the left side of my scar is quite swollen I am very lobsided, I've also noticed my scar is definitely more prominent and some areas of the scar have now get small bumbs on certain parts of my scar. I actually laugh at the left side of my abdomen and say it's like having another small breast. Also ask for your appointment to be brought forward.

Hugs Ellsey xx

Haha yes I know what you mean except my tummy looks like I've got two bums .mmmm not very nice .hugs to you to Ellsey .xx

Just wanted to wish you well and to agree with everything that's already been said, hope you get this sorted very soon, sending bestest wishes and big hugs โค๏ธXx Jane

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Juliette35 in reply to Cropcrop

Thanks Jane ,yes will be ringing the hospital up on Monday. Love and hugs Julie xx

Hi Juliette - as all these lovely ladies suggest, do push for a closer appointment - do you have a Specialist Oncologist /Gynea Nurse to ring. Often they can speed things up for you.

Take care, think positive thoughts all will be well

Sue x

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No I don't Suzie just Macmillan nurse . So will ring her tomorrow. Xx

Julie just make sure you get it checked out, don't wait until your next appointment.

Hugs Ellsey xx

I will do Ellsey thanks ,though it doesn't seem to bad now regards the swelling. But still going to ring as still getting on and off pains .

My bulge is caused by surgical hernia, but do get it checked asap

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Juliette35 in reply to Sherrym

Will do sherrym ,what did they do about your hernia . Xx

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Sherrym in reply to Juliette35

Nothing unless it becomes a problem. It's above my tummy button & about 2 inches long. Bulges slightly some days, other days barely there.

My onco does not want to cause any inflammation in that area certainly for now, & possible forever. I will do anything to avoid surgery anyhow!!!

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