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Cross border second opinions

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Hello everyone. I'm hoping to seek a second opinion from the Marsden. My oncologist is supportive of second opinions generally, but as I'm being treated in Edinburgh she views this as best done within NHS Scotland, and she has directed me to the Beatson in Glasgow which may offer some Phase 1 trials. She also suggested that there would be a charge for seeking a second opinion from the Marsden.

I certainly don't want my health and future options to be limited by where I live (or indeed budgets within reason), and just wondered if anyone else had looked at this? Are there referral charges at all, and between NHS Scotland/England? I think I'm going to contact the Marsden direct as I need to sort this whole thing out in my head...


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Hi. I don't live in Scotland but I consulted the Marsden last year (i live in Yorkshire). There was no charge and they were very helpful. I expect they would be able to tell you at the Marsden if there were any issues with consulting them from Scotland. I hope you get the info you need and don't feel you can't go where you choose for a second opinion.

All the best, Netti

Hi I went to the Royal marsden last year but I wanted or had to go private I spoke to a lovely lady called susanna banjee I don't no her last name but it was something like that when my doctors in cornwall wrote me off she said there was loads of other treatment I could have also she do do clinical trials that she as actually done but she did say she would put me through on the NHS it's your life and you want to live it so I would recommend her its in chealsea good luck hope you are ok xxx

Hi ...sympathise with your dilemma....have been to the Marsden which was great but I would have been happy going to another teaching hospital that I had researched. The important thing is that you get a fit with the onc. on my view. Could you get an appt at that Glasgow hospital quickly? You could try that first and see if you had confidence....that is the key I think....good your team believe in second opinions I certainly think that helps both you and them. Best of luck whatever you decide

Chris xx

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minard in reply to chrissapam

Thanks Chris. That's exactly what I was thinking too. Am now champing at the bit! Caroline x

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sweetpea in reply to minard

Hi there, I have been attending the Beatson in Glasgow since my diagnosis in April 2010. I have always been very happy with them. My oncologist was extremely nice and very helpful. Since I have been nearly 7 years in remission I have now been transferred to another doctor who I will see in June and I am betting she is every bit as good. You could ask for a referral to the Beatson which is now at Gartnavel hospital. Hope this helps you. Ann x

Thanks Ann. Since posting I've had an appointment at the Beatson and am reading through some trial literature they've given me. This seems to be the next NHS step in gaining second opinions and I'm happy with this option so far.

Caroline x

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