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1st recurrence

Hi All

Well, it looks like I'm having my 1st recurrence after only 4 months of completing chemo.

Does this mean I will never actually get better?

Everything I read about about recurrence indicates I live with this as a chronic condition but will never be cured - but many have long periods of remission between 2nd, 3rd, 4th lime treatments?

What are your experiences ?

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Hi there,

I am sorry to hear that, it is hugely disappointing to get this news. I am in the same boat as you, finished treatment at end Nov, recurrence confirmed 23rd Feb. I am now being treated with weekly Taxol. Avastin may also be added to the regime. From day 1 my consultant said that it was hard to cure and was more like a chronic disease. It is hard to go from perfect health to living with a chronic condition but that is what we have to do.. I hope to have a longer remission second time round and hope you have too.

Best Wishes



I also have had a similar time in some ways. Maybe look me up and read some of my posts - it may help to know there are women like us who recur early. I feel strangely positive and unbowed by things... have done lots of meditation, reiki, improved diet, gardening, walking in woods and countryside and generally reading about others who have found ways to make the best and most of each day. If I had read this a few years ago I would totally not have believed this was me saying these things! I have become much more open to stuff and less cynical.

There are lots of options on the medical side too, and you may find your onc more ready to be guided by what you want to try and more accepting of getting you on a trial. Silver linings.

Don't think you have no paths to choose. Everyone is different - seriously - look at the variety of stories on this site and it is a real spectrum.

Take care xxx Netti


I love your post.... Janet x

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Netti, your post has also cheered me up, Thank you xxx


I'm only on first line treatment at the moment, and yet I'm already fearing a recurrence (I sometimes think it's the double edge sword of the forums that has brought this on...) but reading Netti's postabove, that is so positive I'm am beginning to realise that having stage 4 anyway, I am going to have to learn to live with this, and have already decided to follow a similar path as her regardless of what state I'm in whether having my chemo, NED or otherwise. I feel that living well, and living life consciously is better than what some people do in their day to day lives free of cancer.

I'm very lucky as I'm due to start maintenance only Avastin shortly to give myself the best possible chance. I think all we can do is try and remain positive and make sure to do the things we love xxx


Just what I needed to read after getting news of my 2nd reaccurrence today 😀X Carolyn


Same as you, finished 15 th December, avastin trial now stopped as rising CA125 and recurrence from scan 14 th March. All the positives from the great hope that the first treatment will cure or at least give longer remission seem to have faded away at the moment. Realisation like you that this is now life forward with different chemo treatments to keep things at bay - for a longer while hopefully - then possibly another chemo drug, another etc etc.

You have to convince yourself that one of those drugs will be the one that helps you a little bit longer.

Meanwhile like Netti embrace life and the things you love to do....

Janet 🌈


This is sooooooo true. I'm sorry you are paddling with us but glad you have a nice paddle, so to speak.

Netti xx

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I only had 9 months between my diagnosis and recurrence BUT I haven't had chemo for 14 months now and counting. So longer this time than last. Anything is possible. We have to believe this is possible. A tiny bit of hope is all we need and then just cling to it. That's what I do. Go on to my profile and read my post about hope.

There are lots of ladies with similar stories so keep the faith xo


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