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Just a quick note for anyone just starting with the delights of movicol. Docusate didn't do anything for me to 'get things moving more quickly' in the battle with sluggish food transit but Movicol has. Unfortunately as someone who has had the delight of a pre op bowel cleanse (such a polite description for an icky experience!), I have to say the Movicol has the same disgusting texture!

I have found a pleasant solution - make up the sachet as per instructions and then either use as the liquid for a smoothie or mix 50:50 with orange juice that has bits in. It still seems to work 😊 and you don't get the oily texture!



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Isn't that funny... I'm the opposite, tried the Movicol and for me nothing happened, but within days of starting the Docusate I found relief. Just goes to show we are all different, and it's a case of trial and error. Am glad you've had 'movement' though as it's a real bugger! 💩



Oh yes...I know exactly what you mean! xx


Docusate didn't do it for me either but the movicol was brilliant. Glad you found a solution to a potentially difficult situation ❤xx Jane


Thanks for the tip glad its working for you


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