Ulcers in mouth

Ladies, please help me with ulcers in my mouth. One I have is on my tongue, I haven't been eaten over a week now. I can't chew, swallow and talk (my husband is happy with me sitting quiet 😉), but I can't cope anymore. I've tried everything, lots of mouth washes, BMX, nystatin, salty water, coconut oil, sage, turmeric, chamomile and some Polish mouth washes from Polish pharmacy.

Thank you and hugs from Zaneta

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  • Was going to suggest nystatin. Sorry I don't know if anything else. Back to GP? Xx

  • The hospital gave me a supply of mouthwash which consists of 2 capsules that you mix together & then rinse.

    Also someone sent me some 'clove oil' I've not had to try it yet but it's supposed to help with ulcers?

    The only other thing I was told about was bicarbonate of soda?

    Sorry can't help more. I know mouth ulcers are miserable. Hope they clear up soon x

  • I'm on hospital appt today and I am seeing doctor in minute. I will ask for those capsules. Will try soda as well. Anything that can help!

    Thank you, xx

  • Caphosol is the name of the mouthwash if that helps? x

  • Thank you Sarah, I will ask doctor


  • Hi Zaneta I had the same problem when on caelyx my mouth was so sore and I couldn't eat or swallow my onc prescribed a tablet called fluconazole which quickly cleared it up, hope you get some relief soon x

  • Fluconazole helped me too. I also bought Aloclair from boots which was quite soothing (vile texture tho).

    Sandra x

  • Doctor put me on antibiotics and some viral infections med as well. He did swab. I'm not happy to take antibiotics now, week before chemo. My white cells are low, antibiotics will make me weaker. But if that won't heal till next Wednesday my chemo will be postponed. This is not an option for me as I'm very sick for a 1, 5 weeks after treatment. Our family members are coming to Ireland from Poland for every treatment to look after myself and to mind my 6 years old son. So my dad is coming on Wed. So not sure what to do 🙁. I'm just so anti antibiotics

  • Hi there sorry you are suffering in this way. My oncologist prescribed a mouth wash an extremely strong one which is only available on prescription,& told me that the ordinary mouth washes will not do any good. Worth asking your GP. I hope that you will feel better soon.xxx

  • Hi Caleda

    Thank you for your respond. Can I ask you if you remember the name of this mouth wash?

  • hi, The mouthwash is called,Chlorhexidine Gluconate. It is very strong & got rid of ulcers really well. I hope that you can get some.xx

  • Ask for Gelclair.. my godsend with ulcers! Love Michelle x

  • As soon as mum went on chemo her GP recommended and prescribed ascorbic acid tablets and said it would prevent mouth ulcers. This is just the chemical name for Vit C. She managed various chemo, including the Rotterdam regime, and never had an ulcer

  • I'm taking ascorbic acid daily. I will increase dose 😊😉

  • Hi Zanetta

    So sorry to hear you're suffering with this ! I had some mouth ulcers last year but I found that Bioxtra mouthwash and Mycostatin worked for me - but I guess you've tried these?

    I hope you're doing ok otherwise?


  • Hi Juliet,

    Yes, I've tried them. Thank you

    Hope you are doing well

    Hugs, xx

  • Have you checked that your toothpaste doesn't contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate? If it does, try one without. And good luck. Difflam mouthwash has been mentioned to me.

  • Thanks Mac,

    Im using salt and soda toothpaste from health store.

    Thank you, xx

  • Hi Zanita

    This happened to me whilst on caelyx. I'm not much of pill-taker. Husband got me all sorts of things from chemist but long story short, the best was salt & water several times a day - but it only helped a margin. I kept it going for the duration of the chemo as a hopeful preventative. Onc reduced my caelyx dose. That didn't stop the ulcers but it did make them bearable. I only had the one really bad one on my tongue. It's the eating problem that I most want to talk about. I'm sure you're eating blended soups but do you have a stick-blender? You know, a hand held one. That was a savour. ALL my food had to be blended for a week & probably more. Even my breakfast cereal. All tasted fine. The blender made it all more bearable. You'll know to avoid that toast !

    Good luck. Pauline

  • I have health insurance so have had my cancer treatment in a private hospital and I was prescribed Mucodis mouthwash which is fairly new and developed specifically for chemo patients. My insurance wouldn't pay for it and it is not yet available on the NHS, so I had to pay for it. £37 a bottle!! But it works. You might be able to get it from an online chemist?

  • Hi Spes, I hope you are well!! Have you found Mucodis useful so far? Which private hospital were you able to get it from? X

  • Yes, very useful. I got it from London Bridge Hospital, but my chemo unit there has just moved into the HCA facility on the top floor of Guy's Hospital cancer centre.

  • have you tried difflam mouth wash thats suppsed to work or mention to the nurse but difflam is recomended my oncology nurses

  • For relief until sore goes away. Buy over the counter Orabase. Use tissue to dry surface of the sore. Place a dab of Orabase on sore. It will numb slightly, but will resist being washed off by saliva for a few hours.

    Meantime to ALL.....praying over you daily.

  • Hi, thank you. I have it. At least it helps with eating 😉

    Doctor rang me to say to stop taking Zovirax liquid. Swab for viruses came negative. No results for bacteria. I took 2 tablets of augmentin as prescribed but I am not convinced. I have a feeling it's gonna be worse. I'm pretty sure it's fungal, just nystatin is not strong enough

    Still in pain,


  • Good, Z,

    To be able to eat keeps your strength. A sore on the tongue hinders speaking also - which for a pastor is horrors :)) A dab of orabase prevents the sore from stopping you to just go about one's day singing, praying, speaking good things to others . Keep looking UP.

  • The best thing I tried was warm water, salt and baking soda and swish around mouth. I did this frequently for a day ending at bedtime. The next day there was no more pain or sores. I would have never believed how well it worked unless I tried it myself!

  • For the avoidance of doubt... when you talk about baking soda.... do you mean baking powder or bicarbonate of soda?

    They're not interchangeable when cooking.

    Are they for mouth ulcers?

    Honestly, the questions you end up asking with this disease!

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