My Ovacome

carcinoma,melanoma and now i also have sarcoma

i am 58 years old(male) and my brother is 59 years old...we both have carcinoma and sarcoma and i have had previously melanoma and doug has or had an additional form of cancer, told aprox 15 months ago that i may live another year,i do not feel as if i am dying and i failed to meet the 80 lbs and wheelchair bound projection of which i should be and should have been.....i start radiation next week 5x week and infusions bi monthly of nivolumab ,i am the reciepient of a tremendous blessing, the opportunity to stand firm in my faith in god and as a testamony to the care ,concern and dilligence that our cancer professionals maintain

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Hi there, it's good to know you have such courage and conviction.

However, did you realise that this is a forum intended for women with ovarian cancer? You might find there's another forum with people with your types of cancer who can offer better suggestions and support.

All the best, Yoshbosh.


Hi kradav, well done on being so positive and bettering your prognosis thus far.

Unfortunately this forum is for ladies who have or have had ovarian cancer and their families and supporters.

I'm sure if you go to health unlocked you would be able to find a forum that is more helpful to you.

Good luck for continuing good health



Right questions to the wrong site . This is a site for ovarian cancer . Do get into the right site within Health Unlocked , am sure you will find your want. All the best and keep the Faith.



Its a lot to take in isnt it, I hope you are seeking local support groups in your area. This site is for ladies with Ovarian Cancer and sometimes their husbands or partners so perhaps this isnt the best place to get help.


How did you manage to access Nivolumab? At a trial or a hospital?

Thank you


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