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CA 125 has plateaued after third infusion of carbo. Help

Hi everyone,

This is my first recurrence and thought all was going great as had reduced CA125 from 2799 to 94 after first 3 infusions. However I had my 5th infusion today and was told Ca125 had increased to 113. Am devastated. I really thought I was on course for remission and was making loads of plans. Now I am just deflated and convinced I am on the way out. I have not seen my onc but was told she has ordered a scan for me. Is there even any point in having the 6 th infusion? Does this mean I am now carbo resistant? Any positive advice great fully received. X

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Hi sweet i no how you feel just had my results of ct scan done 6 cycles with gem/carbo bloods gone bk up to 400 which they were at start reccurrance im annoyed and like you deflatted as now have to wait 4 weeks to have bloods done again so how high will my ca125 be then... let me no how you get on sending u big hugs keep positive xxx


Really disheartening I know. All the best over the next few weeks x


I think I've heard that gem can have a delayed response sometimes...... like it plateaus and then moves down again?? Keep the faith xx


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