Raised ca125 result.

Hi everyone. Following presentation to go with mid ctcle brown discharge some pelvic pain she did smear which cause bleeding. No mass on abdominal palpation. Blood tests show normal hormones etc but raised cA125 of 53 where normal 35. Now waiting for pelvic ultrasound. Gp said try not to worry but I've been obsessed with Google all day. Anyone been through similar?

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  • Not exactly - I had a palpable mass - but it may reassure you somewhat to know that a raised CA125 may be caused by inflammation of any sort and by other things besides cancer. That's why it isn't good enough to be used for mass screening for ovarian cancer. It is only one thing among many that your doctors will take into account when making a diagnosis.

    Waiting is the hardest thing to do, but I'm afraid that we all go through it. The pelvic ultrasound should help with diagnosis, but even that may well not provide certainty.

    Try to remember that the chances that you do NOT have cancer are much higher than that you do have cancer, and find something pleasurable to distract yourself with while waiting!

    Best wishes, and hope that we don't get to see you here on a regular basis - but do let us know how you get on!


  • Thank you Barbara for taking the time to reply. It's good to know I'm not alone. I know ca125 alone not enough but with other symptoms it's looking scary. But I'm trying not to borrow trouble. Thanks for your kind words. I'll let u know how Monday goes. Xx

  • Hi Barbara just to update found 6cm cyst with septum makes it complex. Next stop gynae. Not sure what will happen then

  • Thanks for the update. Next stop will likely be either surgery (most likely if my experience is anything to go by) or watch and wait. Have you got a gynae appointment yet? If not, you should get one soon - get your GP to chase it up if you don't hear within a week.

    Once I had my ultrasound and CA125 results I was given a gynae oncology appointment within 2 days and got a date for surgery at that appointment. I had a large complex cyst and a CA125 of 64. It turned out that my cyst was a malignant mucinous adenocarcinoma, but was caught at stage 1a. I didn't know for certain till 2 weeks after my TAH (total abdominal hysterectomy), BSO (bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy - tubes and ovaries removal) and omentectomy, which took place 3 and a half weeks after my ultrasound scan. They did say before the operation that it was most likely to be malignant. That was 5 years and 3 months ago. I did not have to have chemo and have been NED (no evidence of disease) ever since, though I had some fairly catastrophic side effects of the epidural I had for the op which made recovery very difficult.

    Hope you get your appointment soon!


  • Thanks Barbara. I had gynae spot this Thursday so presume they will do internal. Just want it out of me and hope if it is malignant it's caught early like yours. Wondering how long cyst has been there. She said other ovary is clear and nothing else Seen apart from this one cyst so I'm praying that if something is wrong it will be contained. Scary time and I feel so guilty potentially having to put this worry on my young daughter. Good to hear U are well and I wish you continued health.

  • Hi

    I agree with Barbara. CA125 can be raised for lots of reasons other than cancer. You are in the right hands now and are getting the tests you need, so try not to worry. Above all, stay away from Google!! A lot of the information out there is inaccurate and out of date. Stick to websites like this one, Cancer research UK, Ovacome and Target Ovarian cancer.

    Good luck with the ultrasound-keep us posted, we are all here for you.


    Lou xxxx

  • Thanks Lou. Can't believe how supportive everyone hasn't been. I've settled myself a bit and trying to push negative thoughts away. What will be will be. Will keep u posted. Love Sx

  • Hi Lou. Just to update. Scan showed cyst on left ovarian with septum which makes it complex. Next stop gynae for further investigation. Size of cyst 6cm so big bugger. So scared it's cancer I can hardly breathe. 😢

  • It could still be a benign cyst-much more common than cancer. Try not to panic, cross your bridges when you come to them!!

    Good luck with the gynae appointment-write down all the questions you want to ask and take someone with you to help you listen to the replies, even a notebook to write them down. xxx

  • Thanks @luluw. Someone else recommended notebook so gonna do that. Will update tomoro. ❤️

  • I agree with the ladies and with your idea of pushing bad thoughts away, You havent any facts yet to go on and 125 isnt that high, Good luck with the ultra sound it could turn out quite simple result

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