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Elevated eosinophils at recurrence?

Hi, this is my first post, though I've been reading and visiting this site for a couple of months now. My mom has Ovarian cancer, Stage IV since August 2015, and finished her chemo in February, and has was stated to be NED, her CA-125 had dropped down to a 3, from a high of over 3,000 when first diagnosed.

She has been getting Avastin as maintenance therapy for the last 9 months or so, every 3 weeks, and has been tolerating it very well (just slight hypertension). Only in the last month or two am I seeing some odd changes on he lab results. Most prominent is her eosinophils, which have been steadily climbing up. Normal range is 0-0.5, and as of yesterday it was a 3.7. Additionally, her White Blood Counts are very high as well at 12.2.

At the same time, her CA-125 has been slowly creeping up, it stayed at 3 for a while, then went to 4, then 5, then 7, 8, and yesterday a 10. Still quite a low number, but it has doubled in 2 months time. She did have a CT scan in August, and was again NED.

Her doctor scheduled her for a PET / CT scan for this upcoming Tuesday, but I've just wondering if anyone else out there has had elevated eosinophils (and/or WBC count) like this, and if it's related to a recurrence or not. From research, I know that ovarian cancer tumors can elevate eosinophils, though it didn't happen when she was first dx'd, and I haven't really found many discussions about this. I so want it to just be an allergic reaction, or parasites, which is the common cause of high eosinophils.



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Hi Michael, sorry I can't share any experiences and am not familiar with eosinophils. The good thing seems to be that the Onc is taking the slight rises in your mums CLA results seriously and she has an upcoming scan. CLA can be effected by a lot of things but it's good that this is being investigated further. I hope that your mum remains NED, although I do understand only too well that the concerns can still linger!

This is a good site to read, post, share etc etc and I do hope that someone with more experience or knowledge than me can help you. If not then do ring the nurse freephone tomorrow ( number on main page) , you will probably feel better being able to discuss your concerns with someone and hopefully get some informed answers too.

Take care and a hug for your mum



Thank you very much for your reply Clare. This place has been wonderful for times when I'm feeling really low, and just need to read input from others. I know it's my mom, and not me that has the disease, but she's actually a lot more strong willed than me about all of this! So, places like this help me to get the knowledge and support I need, to then support her. I've learned a lot over the last year or so too, so I will also try and assist on here whenever possible.


If you are worried always come on here and some one will answer you. I am not up to date on that part of the blood results, it is somewhere in the back of my brain but cant for the life of me remember anything other than they are a composite of the blood. Dont be using Mr Google because you are going to frighten the life out of yourself. Any how the stats are totally out of date. The 125 is still low so that is a positive. Do ring the Ovacome Nurse who will help you with the medical stuff. Best wishes

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