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All you beautiful ladies I have found this poem for you all. Cancer can come at any given date or time All you can do is give it your best

Keep fighting and allow God to do the rest

Cancer changes your life for the worst

As your stuck with answers wondering is this one big curse

Cancer can be one of the hardest situations to accept

Under any circumstance stay strong

Understand there wasn't anything that you've done wrong

Always know you are very beautiful with or without hair

People might look point or stare honestly why should you care

You are God's child beautiful as can be

You know where you been and how far you've come

Don't feel sad or allow your heart to stress

Through the storms you have been blessed

Dry your tears, your future is filled with many beautiful years

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Thank you for sharing this lovely poem

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Love it 🌹

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Thank you love, that was beautiful

Carole xxx

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