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awake at crack of sparrow as usual & idly browsing net I found PARP inhibitor prices. Cd someone cleverer than I look at these sites & tell me-does this look far less expensive than the £40,000 a year we have all been quoted? Can we actually buy this stuff OURSELVES?

I know I'm well at mo, but forewarned (or fore-informed) is forearmed.

Calling you Doctors here on our site, what do you say?

APExBIO came up when I googled Rubaparib ovarian cancer

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Hello .. the price NICE quotes is an adjusted price factoring in age so, you'll find the same drug cheaper probably.

I think it's a dangerous thing to buy drugs over the net as you have no security over the source. You also don't know if the drug's suitable and you won't be overseen by a professional. It's a scandal i know but it's better to go for safety. That's just my view. Xxx

Sherrym in reply to TinaB1

Hmm, how about asking my doctor friends or a qualified pharmacist to check them? If/when u need them?

I don't have much faith in big Pharma or the authority watchdogs which approve them. It's all a massive scam.

Tx though, & I do c yr point-they cd just b talc!!!!

A few years ago I tried to buy olaparib from a distributor for my wife, I can't remember exactly what I was quoted but it was around £13,000 every two months.

However when push came to shove they wouldn't (rightly i guess) sell them to an individual, it had to be a clinic, hospital, surgery etc.

Not sure if they would have helped my wife but at the time I would have tried anything, plus they were getting some decent press.

As time has gone by PARPS continue to play an important role in the treatment of OC, my gut feeling is that it's only going to continue.

So sorry u lost the battle for yr wife.

Now looking at natural occurring PARP inhibitors in food, but already doing all ofChris Woolams dietary guide & c I pretty much covered.

I sound like I' constantly on google for this, but I really do have a life!!!

I know that a few years ago, someone bought the real chemo drugs for some type of Cancer in Lisbon or near it. A maid found the wrapping in the bedroom when the couple left and reported it as she thought it was to do with illegal drugs. Not sure if the people who stayed in the hotel were found and questioned but obviously they had bought the drugs for personal use and I dont think there could have a prosecution, I dont remember the full story. I think though you would have to be very careful buying anything over the net, I was offered Cannabis Oil a few weeks ago, if I went to Marbella to collect. But not interested and If I was, it may not be pure etc, There are some people out there with some scans.

Sherrym in reply to suzuki

Yes, off-grid wd b unsafe. To then expect my poor long-suffering oncologist to pick up the pieces .........even if he could!

However, given a choice between nothing & Mexico I am not sure which way I may swing. Foolish though that sounds even to myself.

While in Malaga last week I was thinking of an acquaintance who went there to a clinic to try and reboost her immune system, unfortunately she became more ill when she came home. That cost her in the region of 12000.euro. Sadly she passed away this time two years ago, She hadnt OC but had two other cancers, I would research anything very very wisely before I would travel

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