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9/11 : Constant reminder!!!

9/11 : Constant reminder!!!

Morning lovely ladies!!! I was down at the World Trade Centre in New York earlier this week. This is one of the two fountains that are now situated on the sites of the two Towers and it's a beautiful memorial to the thousands that died that day may they rest in peace on the 15th Anniversary of 9/11.

IMHO we should also be very mindful on this day and indeed every day of the thousands of people who die every year through war and violence many of whom will never have memorials like this to honour their memory. 9/11 should be a constant reminder of the destruction that can be caused by humans of all shapes and sizes all creeds and religions and a symbol of how we should all try each and every day to get on with each other!

I think that many people could learn a lot from the helpful and supportive environment on this Forum!!!

Happy Sunday everyone!!!


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Well said 🌻👏

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I have visited world trade centre a couple of times... The atmosphere I find to be peaceful and moving ... Your words are so true.

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Hi D,

Went there some years ago when they were in the middle of construction and they had the message wall up,it was very moving!

I don't think the world will ever be the same, it makes you realise to count your blessings,as does this illness.wish people were kinder to each other as we all try to be.

On a lighter note my daughter and I spent a fortune in Century 21 around the corner from ground zero!

Carole xx


It is a remarkable place. When we were there in the summer I was trying to explain to my kids what happened and I had to fight back the tears. It is impossible to explain it logically to an 11 year old because it just doesn't make sense. We also watched ladder 10 return to thier fire station which was just across from the memorial. To think that men ran into the buildings to save others and they never came back.

Heartbreaking place.


Yes let us remember the bravery and courage of the firemen and policemen who lost their lives that day trying to save people. We also remember those lost in the explosions, it is so hard for their families


Hi D Totally agree with you! Hope you're having a great time there.. it's on my bucket list too!! Love Michelle x



I visited the site about 5 months after the attack and managed to get a ticket to see the work going on ( it wasn't a ticket you paid for, they had to time the visits as so many people wanted to see). What I remember the most was the church next door where so many volunteers were working and the previously ash covered church yard coming back to life with spring flowers: the emergence of new life is what struck me most of all.

Hope you are having a wonderful trip,


Anne xx

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Totally agree and still have a heavy heart when I recall the terrible atrocities of that day

Jackie O


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