Is my cyst and leg pain related?

Hi! I have had a cyst in my right groin for sometime and have experienced lots of leg pain since this showed up. About a week ago it abscessed and I had to have it lanced. I have had 3 docs tell me my leg pain is not related to the cyst and I'm having a hard time believing this. Anybody know if these things could be related? I have a bad hip on the same side due to a MVA and every doc just focuses on that being the problem but after 18 years of having this bad hip I know the pain it causes and this is different! It's way worse! Feels like a pinched nerve! Any advice on how to get the docs to listen to me?

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  • I wrote this once and it wiped away. I'm an American nurse. Be a persistent pain in the butt. Maybe you have a deep vein thrombosis? Does it hurt when you step on that leg? Keep after them! Nesie237

  • Hi. I had dreadful upper leg pain for almost 1yr before being diagnosed with stage 3 Ovarian Cancer. I was treated for gout, arthritis, hamstring injury etc etc etc. I was never offered a scan or CA125 blood tests which I now realise would have been relevant. It really was excruiating. Since chemo the leg pain has almost disappeared and I no longer need pain relief. The tumour has shrunk a little which leads me to believe it was pressing on nerves etc. This leg pain was the only symptom I had until as already said 1yr later I was admitted to hospital with suspected appendicitis and they found the tumour. It may of course not be one of your symptoms but knowing what I know now, I should have pushed and pushed for more investigations. Hope this helps.

  • I think perhaps ask for an mri of your hips and pelvis and that should show up any abnormalities. So back to your gp and organise this, wishing you well

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