Cramp and leg pain

Have been doing quite well recently but today am struggling. I am knitting to help the hospice but have had to stop because of cramp. I know about tonic water but find it has no effect the gin is probably better😉. 

i am also struggling with leg pain in the groin. It is worse when I am weight bearing so am back using a trolley and crutches. Anyone else has experience with this? I have pretty permanent back pain but the leg pain comes and goes.

What is about ovarian cancer that tumours and symptoms are everywhere. No one it is hard to diagnose and pin down.

Keep battling and be joyful. I appreciate all your sharing and up dates.

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  • I hope you feel better soon xx I had pain in my groin and legs don't suffer in silence talk to your team about pain relief xxx

    Best wishes 


  • Thanks Trish will do. Go to the hospice daycare centre and GP ON Thursday so can have a good winge. 😄

  • I go to the hospice daycare centre on Tuesdays really like it there xx Trish

  • Sorry to hear that you gave such bad pain, I can't offer any advice but wanted you to know that I'd read your post and am sending positive thoughts your way (well you never know!) hopefully your team can offer advice and practical pain relief. Take care


  • Thanks Choski. I appreciate it. We have to stand with each other don't we? Hope you have a good day 😀

  • Hi PhillipandBettykid,   maybe you should tell your oncology team or gp about your pain and you should be able to get relief for it.  Maybe get your Magnesium levels checked out by them or your gp.   I wish you well and hope they will sort out your meds

  • Ah the dreaded magnesium. Hadn't thought of that. I will check it out with the GP had bloods taken recently and going to discuss results with her. Thanks for your help Suzuki

  • Hi Zuzuki,I have seen your posts regarding epsom salts and would like to try it,where can i buy it, chemist or supermarket? Thanks x

  • Hi keeponkeepingon, you may have noticed I robbed your name two weeks ago when Daisies passed using it an an encouragement, I hope you didnt mind.  You can buy epsom salts in any Chemist, I know they have it in Boots.  Yes  I do believe it in, it was the old cure for aches and pains for our grandparents.  I found it helpful for sore feet and muscles as it contains magnesium.  If I use a basin for my feet, when finished I throw the water with the salts on it on to my hydrangeas and they are very blue year after year.   Any how I also have boots foot lotion and rub it in to the feet when finished, its mint and wheatgerm based and quite reasonable to buy. 

  • Thanks for your reply,I didnt notice you had used my name,but I think it a saying which probably applies to all of us on here.its something we just all have to do.Thank you for info on epsom salts will definitely try it,have achky feet particularly heels also realy bad cramp in legs,off to Boots tomorrow cant wait for my bath. x

  • Another thing you could do is add epsom salts to your bath water.  I find this good and keep recommending in on here.  Some ladies have found it works for them.  If you stay for 20mins in the bath with the salts the magnesium is absorted through your skin

  • That works for me so thanks for reminding me!


  • Sadly I am a shower girl. Can't manage baths anymore. I might try soaking my feet in a bowl though. I reckon that would be nice for neuropathy too. Anything is better than those magnesium sachets - yuk! I shall also keep pushing the green veg and peas 😄. You guys are so good. Thanks for the help.

  • Sometimes quinine (on prescription from gp) can help with cramp - so talk to your gp? Otherwise keeping the affected muscle moving sometimes eases the pain.  It is agony, I know.  Best, Vx

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