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Pain around middle

I was diagnosed stage 1c OC in Oct 2015. Had debaulking surgery, after which I was NED so had adjuvant chemo,,6 rounds of carbo/taxol which I tolerated quite well. I now have a lot of pain around my middle. It feels as if I have a cord tied round my waist which is being tightened. Also I have burning in the centre of my chest. Does anyone have any experience of this.

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Sorry I cannot be of help, I haven't finished all the chemo yet,

Best thing if you are worried is to get it checked out to put your mind at rest,

Hope u get it sorted,

Mandy, xx

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HI I have digestive problems since my operation do you think this could be the cause of your discomfort. A burning feeling in your chest could be acid reflux but you really should see your GP so I would make an appointment tomorrow if possible and get it checked out.

Sending you my best wishes

Lynda xx

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It could be a tightening of the muscles around your ribs, there is a name for it but dont ask me to spell it. But best make apt to see your gp and he will advise you better,


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