Really bad day

Hi everyone

Found out yesterday the nasty little bugger is back,I was 1st diagnosed jan 2014 and all clear by July 2014,it came back July 2015 all clear again by December 2016 and now it's back again,anyway I will cut to the Chase has this happened to any of you lovely ladies only iam sitting here thinking this is it game set and match to the big C xxxxxxx

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  • I was only diagnosed in March this year and am currently just on day 4 of chemo 4 so can't share anything that you didn't go through in 2014. There are some fabulous ladles on here in the same position you are and I'm sure they will be along to share, advise and chat.

    I expect its all a bit frightening, disenchanting and downright maddening for you at the moment, all I can do is say you may feel very alone but we are here with and for you as much as we can be.

    Deep breath and best foot forward, get a treatment plan sorted and kick it into touch.

    Take care (()) hugs

    Clare xxx

  • I'm following quite a similar time line to you, so you are not alone

    Diagnosed Jan 2014, finished chemo July, avastin till feb, more chemo till August 2015. Then started chemo in Feb 2016 which I've just finished.

    I'm NOT thinking game set and match, so I'm kicking you up the backside to not think that too. There's still lots of treatments out there, some old and some very new....don't give up yet

    Dawn xx

  • Thankyou,your just what the doctor ordered xxxx

  • Hi Horniton, never ever give up, hope has to be maintained. It is of course a huge blow to have a recurrence but that is what happens, the little beastlings pop up and we beat them down with whatever we have and whatever we get from our Oncologists. It is never game set and match to the big C, we will not be beaten down or defeated, Okay there is nothing wrong in being upset but we just dust ourselves off and start all over again. Do you have a plan of treatment as in type of chemo? You will settle the day you start the chemo and you have one down again, in the meantime, feel free to smash a cup, cry or go for a pounding walk. We are all here for you.

  • No game. Set and match to the cancer, I think there needs to be a fat lady singing for it to be game over and all the fat singing ladies are having at least a years holiday, so keep going, you will get through this as you got through the last and here's to a long remission xxx

  • I have found, taking my GP's advice who is fabulous, that taking a low dose of Escitalopram really helps me deal with all this. I have had 3 operations 2 lots of chemo and am on watch and wait. Apart from friends and family it is hard because it can be a very lonely place but with ladies here who all understand you can get up and get through it again. I never thought I could but..... Big hugs xxxx

  • Hi Honiton sorry to hear you have a reoccurrence! I finished my chemo end of Jan and had my three month review last Thursday my scans are showing thickening which is an indication it's going to read it's ugly head again on watch and wait at the minute I knew it would probably return but so soon is frightening and devastating! i have asked the onc if it's a chance that I was never really clear from original treatment which he agreed was possibly the case not sure if that makes the situation better or worse! I was really looking forward to sometime without needles n treatment so I know exactly how ur feeling!! But keep strong and keep fighting!! Xxx

  • Thankyou everyone Iam feeling a bit more positive today,but it was such a shock because I was feeling so good xxxx

  • Hi

    I really feel for you . The fight is hard enough without the results bring as long lasting as we would hope . I recurred too after a year and just finished decond line in March , I'm staying on avastin that an option for you . There are newer drugs other there parp inhibitors for both braca and Bob braca people and immunotherapy drugs . I am not based in U.K. So don't have access but might be worth asking your oncologist . The royal marksmen inkondonserns to have an excellent reputation .I also had a second surgery this time round after a second opinion . It was major and recovery slow. Who knows if it's going to make s difference in long term but think we need to keep pushing for different approaches to treatment . The mental side of this is so hard and you have been through so much . I know lots of woman have success with antidepressants but they weren't for me . I'm on a waiting list to try cbt( cognitive behaviour therapy ) is this something you would consider . I want try and scrape every inch of happiness I can from my life to live as content as possible despite everything this disease throws at me. Best of luck. Insure you will get some great advice here.

  • Sorry about typos. ..meant to say Royal mars den in London

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