Bruised and bloated

I had my op 5 days ago and after 4 days of eating nothing and only sipping water I started a sloppy diet yesterday. My bowels were prepped for op before hand and emptied by Laxatives. Every time I eat I get a terrible full, bruised and bloated feeling. I feel full of gas. I've not opened my bowels yet.

Did anyone else experience this horrible bloated feeling and difficulty in opening bowels.?

Unless I 'go' I won't be allowed home Sunday.

Tracey x

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  • Hi Tracey,

    Ask the nurses for help. They can give you a glycerine suppository and peppermint cordial for the gas. Walking about will help. Have they given you Movicol? It's not a laxative but a 'softener' (oh the glamour!) The bowel is very sensitive and does not like being 'handled' which of course it is during the op. It will take a while for it to recover fully.

    Much love

    Debs xx

  • I started movicol yesterday. Even downing that makes me feel bloated. I'm off tremadol now and on codeine. Hoping that will help bowels. Yes all very glam. Did you ever think you would post on a forum about your ' movements'. Haha

  • Not in a million years :) Co-Codomol can make you constipated too.


  • I expected that. Im sure all strong pain killers do. Well I'm reassured wind is good. Another admission I didn't think would happen. X

  • Codeine can make you constipated.

  • I could hardly eat in hospital as I wasn't interested in food due to a severe vomiting reaction to the gen anesthetic and Tramadol but slowly managed biscuits and toast. I made sure I drank LOADS of water and hobbled around the corridors - that did do the trick for me re my bowels. Walking does help at this stage. Hope it gets better quickly, each little progress is a great achievement

    Take care

    Clare xx

  • Thank you Clare. I'm going to up the walking today.

    Tracey x

  • Hello. Yes. I did feel the same way though not for so long. They let me back home before I did a poo, as I'd passed wind! Plenty of it. Walking about really helped the most. Though I wasn't supposed to be on my feet for more than 10 minutes I spent the time walking round and round the ward.

  • Wind aplenty oops. Thank you x

  • Hi Tracey, wind and gurgling a great sign. The bowels will move but I found I had to be more upright. All these constipation meds and the surgery trauma just block everything up. I ate little fruit pots, drank peppermint tea and took sennakot when I got home. Take care. T. X

  • I found that sennakot was the only thing that worked for me! but you are not eating alot and before the surgery you were completely emptied! I did find that chewing gum got my digestive juices flowing and that helped me 'go'!

  • I had some chewing gum last night I believe the sorbitol in them are a Laxative. Certainly when I was revising for an exam and had two packets I suffered xxx

  • I agree with the other posts. Walking round the ward really helps. Once you've "been" you'll feel so much better!

    Judy x

  • I had the same thing, just couldn't go (except I didn't have any wind) despite eating and walking around as much as I could. I could walk a lot but not very fast. I dutifully swallowed all the laxatives and softeners every day, until finally they worked with a vengeance. I had to travel home with white nappy-type knickers.......

    Good luck!

  • Thank you everyone for your helpful replies. Even some humour in our suffering xx Ive just had cereals and did not feel bruised afterwards so that's a start xx

  • I've got all this to look forward to. Surgery on 21st. Hope you 'move' soon.😊Xxx

  • It's good to know in advance honestly. The lip balm I was recommended is a must. Mouth as dry as sawdust after op. If you get this bloating now you will be reassured it's normal. That helps so much xx

  • Gleedy

    I haven't had my surgery yet so can't answer your question, but wanted to send you my best wishes and hope they sort your bowels out and you can get home soon.

    Hugs Ellsey xx

  • Ooooo yes I remember the uncomfortable feeling after surgery and very windy to lol, I was told that was a good sign to ☺️ when you are up and about it will happen, I had to move as quickly as I could to get there to, it wasn't pretty lol good luck xx

  • Have you asked to speak to the pharmacist? My oncologist had them with her when I was post op and they discussed contraindications I never want to see peppermint tea again but it did help. Pain was horrible but the gas does go. Did they discuss the use of gas and how it would be after?

    Fingers crossed you go. They gave me suppository and two different liquid laxatives guess they were impatient for my stoma to work. Let's say it kept me busy but took twelve hours to work

    LA xx

  • They have said I can't have a suppository because of the surgery but good news just delivered I can go home tomorrow If go or not. I know my trusted dulcolux and food at home will reinstate order. I will send mum out for peppermint tea though. Thank you xx

  • I am glad to hear that you are over your operation. Buscopan is good for bowel pain. Dont suffer in silence. When you "go" eventually, you will feel so much better. It takes a while for everything to settle down after the trauma of surgery.

    Best wishes

  • Peppermint tea and Buscopan texted to my mum to get. Thank you x

  • Add prunes in juice to that order you sent your Mum, they do work, also a tip for Movicol or whatever, mix it with hot water. I had lots of wind and they assured me that it meant my bowel was working but I waited for days to perform. Having said that, the hospital diet of white bread and no fruit isnt exactly helpful. rub your tummy anti clockwise as it relaxes the tummy as well. I wish you oh god what can I wish you, racking my brains here. look what goes in must come out sometime so you will get relief and maybe as you said you will have no problem at home because you will be in your own space

  • Hi, I had my op 9 days ago but allowed home after 3 days. Like you I had prepared myself before hand as I get constipated quite often. It was the fifth day I opened my bowels, after two movicol a day and lots of fruit and veg. No real bloating but can only eat small amounts. I have great difficult drinking water but forced myself as I knew it would help. Senokt also helped, two 5ml spoons twice a day. Although I am still pretty tender inside, walking is certainly helping me to get around easier.

    Its a huge operation and all that handling takes time to get back to normal.

    Keep drinking and lots of small meals will soon get you going.

    Good luck.

    Love Linda x

  • Yes, I did. They opened eventually. The bowel doesn't like to be worked with. Try not to worry too much. It will happen. I know you want to get home asap but an extra night in hospital might be best for you. Have they given you anything to help you go? Good luck. Ann x

  • Movicol. I know my dulcolux will work. If I get permission I'll use it at home. X

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