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Asking for central line port to administer meds

I don't see the question here. I saw it on FB somewhere.  Patient was saying the chemo nurse had a hard time finding a vein each time. Don't be afraid to ask your oncologist to see a surgeon who can insert an IV line into your chest- in OR. This is a very simple procedure and very quick.,don't be afraid of asking for what you need. Take the control you have. It's your body. Don't forget to hold onto that! 

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For the people I, Nesie, was in touch with, I want you to know that because of a FB mix-up, I've been blocked for now. If you'd like, leave me a message with your personal email in it and I'll reply. I hope I can fix this problem. Nothing to fear from me, I had IIB ovarian cancer in 2014 and breast cancer in2006. Also I was an RN for 25 years. 

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