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Hi I have a question.. OK my cycle stopped I have missed just one month but I have also stopped taking birth control pills to only because when I bleed it would me extremely heavy to the point where I couldn't work or leave home. .I'm worried because I am thinking it may be a cyst it only hurts when I exercise I can feel something pulling in my lower stomach into my thigh sometimes. I also have horrible stomach cramps til the point I start crying can anyone help me with advice.

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Hi there I am sorry to hear you are in trouble, I suggest you best see your doctor and he will then decide or not if you need to take this further.

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I agree with Suzuki see your doctor and ask if you need a referral to a gynaecologist.


I agree with the ladies. Go to your GP and if you're worried get it investigated. Wishing you all the best - Trish


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