Hi I finished 4th line 2 weeks ago. Gemcitabine carbo. was diagnosed 2b Nov 07 First recurrence after41\2 years. ca125 was back to normal. 23 After each cycle of gem I had a pain behind umbilicus for about a week which gradually went away Also had constipation The pain mow seems to have returned Wondered if this had happened to anyone Had a scan last Monday but no result yet Not due back to see the oncologist till the end of May Thanks Morag

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  • I had bit of pain when I was on Gem. I just assumed it was zapping the cancer! If it continues though I'd contact my Onc team just for peace of mind. Best wishes Trish

  • Thanks Will phone them for results of ct

  • I also had pain from Gem and it still came and went after treatment.  My onc said that is was due to the Gem

      All Chemo stays in the body for a while after finishing treatment,  I would still get a crampy pain now and again but so far I am stable.  But if you are worried at all, ring your Oncology Nurse or Ruth the Ovacome nurse for advice

  • Will do Thanks

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