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Thinking of doing Shine walk

Hi ladies . Right been thinking of doing something mad like London marathon or similar for years , timing hasn't been right . So 2 stone heavier , not the best shape I've ever been in (better pre surgery ) but feeling healthy . So Shine Walk in September , for cancer charities , half marathon or full marathon . I'm thinking gentle , the most I've ever run is race for life and going back few years now . 

Ovacome will be my charity obviously, not sure where to start , or if I've left it too late to even contemplate walking that far . Suppose better than runing it though 😜. Any of you ladies got any experience of fitness trainingI need something to motivate me , crazily I thought this would be it . Am willing to give it a try , so got my work cut out really .

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Well done you. Well the sun is shining so perfect to get out there and build up fitness levels.   I have started exercising badminton on Mondays, swiping on weds and will gong on Thursdays. Hardly marathon training but going to introduce a few more things, yoga, Pilates and lots of walking. I would like to do 3 Yorkshire peaks 26 miles in 12 hrs, so that is a little challenge to work up to. 

My focus is on extra protein and amino acids to held build up muscles.

Good luck with your challenge. 

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Hi, I did a marathon wLk fora local cancer charity the her I turned 50.That was 3 years before I was diagnosed with OvCa. My walk was beginning of May and I didn't start training until near the end of Jan when I decided I wanted to do it. I went out walking at night, I had to build up my distance gradually. After a few weeks of this I started to goi out on a Saturday and my husband came with me. We started with 10 miles that first week.  I continued to walks few niughts a week and the following week we walked 12 miles.  This pattern continued, varying the route to take in hills. The furthest I walked before the event was 23 miles.  I figuredif I could get that far on the day, I would definitely make the last 3.

A marathon walk is an all day event. You need to carry food and drinks with you.its best if you are not a!one and have someone to chat to a!ong the way. Provided you are well enough and start your prep now, I should think you will be able to do it.  On the day, my husband carried a rucksack and cycled to various points on the route to meet my friend and i and give us supplies and some much needed encouragement.   We completed the walk and raised over £800. The feeling on completion was elkation, we both cried.  Good luck.  Ann xo


I've signed up for the face for life 5k in September.  Ive still 2 chemos to do so I thought 5k was enough, but it's the muddy one with the obstacles.  I'm being joined but my childhood girlfriends so we should have a laugh.  I recently bought a Fitbit and it's fab.  I can track my exercise.  I aim to do 10,000 steps a day.  It doesn't happen the week post chemo but I hopefully get 2 weeks out the 3 with decent excercise.  I also love that the Fitbit tracks your sleep, I can see how restless I am post chemo and the improvement after. 

Also I have an app on my phone - couch to 10k in 8 weeks.  It walks you through training.  

My husband is running the New York marathon in Nov and he won't start serious training until July.  

Good luck, find a walking buddy and enjoy it.

Take care 



Hello Janip26, 

Please feel to contact Lee ( if you need any help, inspiration or information on events taking place. 

Pleased to hear that you are feeling well and want to fundraise for us! 

Best Wishes, 

The Ovacome Team. 


I can't offer any training advice, I'm afraid, but just want to wish you well and hope you get lots of help and advice.

Go Girl!!  Love, Solange😄


Hi Janip,

I had enrolled for a Race for Life Hyde park last year but wasn't strong enough to do it so I'm behind you all the way, I would like to do something but I am struggling with my fitness, lack of muscle ect, so I admire your tenacity and wish you well,Im sure you will achieve xxx


Thank you ladies for support . Watch this space ,I will fill you in on my progresss  thinking may be a bit slow but hopefully in the right direction , the finish line hopefully ! 


I've done the shine walk twice since my surgery in July 2013, had full hysterectomy.  My first one in September 2014 I started training around about now, started off with just a few miles each time then gradually build it up, I walked every other night then as it got closer walked early morning with hubby to build up the miles.  I found walking along the river or canal great, it's always good to vary your routes.  On the night the crowds carry you along, it's not a race just enjoy the atmosphere. There are plenty of toilet pit stops.  Water and snacks are provided at each pit stop.  Good walking trainers recommended, Vaseline on feet and double layered socks.  Plenty of glow sticks, decorate yourself and enjoy.  Good luck xx😘😘😘👣👣👣👣👣👣

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