Shopping for wigs

I'm shopping for wigs on the web.

The colours are making me queasy.

There's Creme Brulee and Buttered Toast,

Hazlenut Mist and Champagne.

It's worse than Farrow and Ball,

Though choosing for walls isn't easy.

Farrow and Ball might call it Flint

and sell samples in little tin cans,

but you can't get a whole lot of swatches for wigs,

I'm taking a punt on Frosted Pecan.

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  • Hi Lizneild,

    Don't know where you are in the country,but I bought mine at a wig shop in Lakeside Essex and it is Platinum blonde which is as close to the colour my hair has grown back which is quite handy as most people haven't noticed the difference.

    Good luck with your purchase,

    Carole xx

  • There is an enormous choice on an American site. They look much better made (I hope) than my last one bought here at a shop and are half the price but you have to pay postage of course and cross fingers for colour. It is the fun side of things so what the heck !

  • Their beanie hats are fab. Let me know how you go on with the wigs. I have two from Rene of Paris, lovely at first, but soon get a bit 'tatty'. I like to mess mine up or clamp them at the nape of the neck. The thought behind it is I'd sooner look like I have messy hair than an over glossy wig :D. x


  • hahahaha! That is brilliant! Laughed my head off - and it's so true.

    Gave up on wigs just trying to find one that didn't look like a ferret on my head and I opted for nude - head not tights! xxx

  • I have a problem with my glasses and wig together Annie.. I picked up some new specs today which I am very pleased with, but what with the wig tabs, and the glasses being new, I had a killer headache this afternoon.

    Getting home and whipping off the wig and sticking on a comfy beanie is as much a ritual now as putting on pjs and warm slippers. x

  • Jug handle ears are a problem. I've been told that ears grow on after all the rest stops. I think it's true.

  • I've been looking into this recently...apparently wigs are often made too thick which is why they look OTT but you are supposed to have them thinned out to suit you...who knew?!

  • I have a lace fronted Jon Renau wig... and I had the same problem with the colours when I was trying to buy it.

    They are beyond ridiculous. They're also different depending on what country the site is based... Being an Aussie, I import stuff from the US and the UK, so one "Frosted Pecan" was nothing like the other.

    Thankfully they had a code as well, so I used those to match them up.

  • I've long given up on disguises. If it looks good I don't much care what kind of good and anyway it's amazing how little people notice.

  • This is very true!

    I went to a birthday dinner not long after I lost all my eyelashes and eyebrows, I wasn't feeling great about my appearance.... It got back to me about a week later that the people I hadn't met before just thought I was rocking a headscarf for fashion.

    It didn't even occur to them I might have cancer.

    I think we get a bit over sensitive because we're acutely aware of all the little tells... but most people don't notice much of anything about your appearance.

  • You're so right! A lady moved into our road quite recently. We got chatting and have become great friends. She told me she'd noticed me straight away because I looked so intriguing and hip wearing a series of hats each day. It never occurred to me I had set myself up as a fashion icon! lol

  • Hi Liz know what you mean it's a minefield I always go a shade lighter as they come up a it darker on there photos , I always go to simply wigs they don't mind you returning if not suitable either , great company to deal with , happy shopping . Jue x

  • Which ones have you successfully purchased from them Jue? x

  • I have a wig but haven't worn it much. I saw someone who matched it to my hair colour though so if wisps escape they don't notice much. Good luck with yours.

  • I hope I keep wisps. Last time I ran a lawn mower over it. This time I'll wait and see. Second chances - live and learn.

  • This is amazing. Well done! :)

    Kerry xx

  • Ha ha xx

  • Hi dollysmum , I have purchased a few wigs from simply wigs , a noriko wig called Reece nice shoulder length around £70 I think , and a real splurge a gisela Mayer human hair wig , I loved it , It felt like me and it lasted almost 18 months without getting tatty , I had shoulder length blonde hair when diagnosed at 47 and like most of us being bald was just awful . I'm currently on carbo taxol again and have a short blonde rachel welch wig which is very comfy and easy to wear , have changed it twice to get the colour right but the company seem very helpful , think we all just want to feel confident when we step out , happy shopping. jue x

  • Cheers, I'll go take a look xx

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