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Genetic testing /blood pressure

Hi it's Annie here saw my guy yesterday he says my blood pressure is not too low , the drain now getting done once a week I asked him when I finish this regime will it be watch and wait , ye the cancer seems to be going down , probably it's the Clemo side effects plus the drain causing the symptoms , I just feel drained no energy , anyhow u know I live n Glasgow I went for the genetic testing which I feel is my duty as a mother , it took almost ten months for the result which I'm happy to say were clear ,u know I had to chase up the results big time so if u go get the name off t nurse , consultant etc , l was there for around two hours ,worth it , have a nice day going to make the mince and tattles now I am a hopeless cook so hope it's eatable xx

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Sorry to hear you are suffering with no energy (chemo is very exhausting on your body) but very glad the genetic test was negative.

Sending you best wishes and enjoy your mince and tatties!


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